20 Tips for 2020


New Year, Better You!

Step into 2020 with confidence. We’ve partnered with celebrity trainer and health & wellness expert Juliet Kaska to bring you 20 tips to help you start the year off right and achieve your goals in 2020!




  • DON’T DIVE IN THE DEEP END – Beware of the deep end! If starting a workout routine, don’t jump in the deep end! I always recommend taking it slow and setting realistic goals for your physical activity. Try walking 1-mile at a quick pace to get your heart pumping but without exhausting yourself. Increasing your pace each week will help you reach your goals faster.
  • JUST BREATHE – Take time to breath. Deep breathing has been proven to activate the vagus nerve, which triggers your flight or fight response. Take long, deep breaths, exhaling slowly. Try 10 rounds of this deep breathing pattern to help those stresses fall away.
  • RESET YOUR SYSTEM – Did you overindulge in holiday carbs, cookies and cocktails? Skip that cup of joe in the morning and try drinking 24oz of hot water with the juice of 3 lemons, then sweat for 20-60 mins this morning with a cardio workout.
  • GO FOR A WALK – Take 10 min walks after each meal. This will help to keep your digestive fire burning after you eat when your body is sending the most blood to your stomach. It will also aid in removing any excess holiday weight that may have been gained. Start your year off with a new pair of comfortable walking shoes that provide arch support so that you look forward to going for a walk.
  • GET OUTSIDE – Make plans with friends or schedule some me-time when you can. It’s important to make time for yourself and getting outside to run errands or having a little retail therapy will help.





  • CALL THE DOCTOR – Book your annual doctors’ appointments for all of 2020 now so you are all set and ready to stay on top of your health! Visit your General Practitioner in the first quarter and discuss a realistic and measurable health goal for this year.
  • SLIP INTO COMFORT – Wear slippers when you get home. Changing from your shoes to a supportive slipper will help reduce foot pain and provide the proper support your feet deserve, while keeping outdoor toxins and germs out of your home.
  • COMBAT COLD WEATHER – Seasonal changes and extreme weather can wreak havoc on your skin – give yourself a daily abhyanga oil massage. Start at your toes and slowly move up your body. In addition to helping to fight dry skin, it helps to calm the nervous system and improve the long-term elasticity & anti-aging of skin.
  • THE SPIRITS DANCE – Set yourself up for success while going out with what I call a spirits & water dance. Alternate every libation with a full glass of water to avoid over-indulgence and a nasty hangover.
  • GLOW AT HOME – You can easily add a little radiance and healthy shine to your complexion without a visit to the doctor or a pricy esthetician bill. Use ingredients from your pantry like lemon juice, coconut oil and green tea to help give your skin a glowy finish.



  • JETSETTER STYLE – Reduce the clutter when packing for your next adventure. Select 1-2 travel shoes that will serve as the base of your outfits. Make sure the shoes you pack are lightweight and pack well while also providing the proper arch support to keep you moving all day. Create your looks around the shoes to avoid over-packing.
  • TRAVEL LIGHTER – Try to pack everything you need into a carry-on suitcase. Avoid long lines at the airport and never risk having your luggage lost.
  • WEAR SUPPORTIVE SHOES – Headed for warmer weather? Pack a pair of supportive sandals or flats that are great for all-day wear, from the beach to the restaurant, to the hotel and back!





  • MAKE A PLAN – Plan out your meals for the week on Sunday and spend the day meal prepping. Portion out healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Meal Planning will help you avoid bad eating habits, overindulging with meals, and eating unhealthy snacks.
  • SMART FASTING – Get on the Fasting bandwagon! After completing your dinner, wait a full 12 hours before your next meal (breakfast). You can drink water, herbal teas without honey, sugar or milk, or sip on warm water with lemon. Waiting 12-hours will allow your body to fully digest your previous meal and stops you from over-indulging or mindlessly snacking in-between meals.
  • START WITH LEMON WATER – Staying hydrated is an important part of your day. Drink hot water with lemon first thing in the morning. Yes, that means before your coffee. This simple tonic will give your digestive system a jump-start and provides instant hydration.
  • SNACK ON THE GOOD STUFF – Enjoy a warm plate of veggies or a cup of bone or vegetable broth before you leave for a group gathering or party. Avoid buffets and hors d’oeuvres, these are full of excess sugar, carbs, and fats. Be one step ahead by filling up with the good stuff before you leave the house.
  • TAKE 20 – This is my secret to mindful eating. Try taking 20 counts between bites. Don’t start cutting into your next bite until you’ve swallowed the previous one. The shear act of slowing down and being present with your meal results in feeling more satiated and enjoying your meal more.
  • SOUP-ER MEALS – A great way to warm your body and fill your belly is with a hearty soup made with veggies, beans and lentils. Stay away from adding dairy, pasta or rice, which are full of carbs. Make a huge pot of soup over the weekend, portion out for the week and freeze for later enjoyment. Here’s one of my favorite recipes.
  • LATTE LOVER’S HACK – Are you a latte lover? Try this instead – ask for a double green tea with steamed almond, soy or oat milk. This is a high antioxidant beverage with low calories, fat and sugar. It’s also more cost-effective than the calorie heavy lattes!




Comment below with some of your favorite tips that help you get into the swing of things in the New Year or that help you stay on track to reach your goals.








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  1. I battle plantar fasciitis. I am looking for a decent shoe I can workout in, mostly HIIT type workouts. Are Vionics built for that? If so, what would you suggest. I do not want a huge running shoe, as I have a pair of Hoka One One for that. Thank you!

  2. My balance is getting worse as I age. Can your shoes help me with balance??

    • Thanks for reaching out! We always recommend consulting with a podiatrist as they can best assess your health needs and recommend a footwear brand that will offer options to best suit your needs. All of our shoes and sandals were designed to hug your arches like a natural footprint, giving you all-day support. You can find more information on our Vio-Motion Support here: https://www.vionicshoes.com/vio-motion-support

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