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Packing shoes for vacation is challenging. You want to bring enough pairs to go with all your outfits, but at the same time, you don’t want to pack too many (hello, heavy suitcase!). From animal print women’s shoes for a nice dinner in a new city, to comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing, make sure that you’re packing accordingly. Depending on the type of vacation, you’ll be fitting in a variety of activities and logging a lot of steps. That’s why it’s so important to pack shoes that you can walk comfortably in that are still stylish (just because you’re a tourist doesn’t mean you have to look like one). Here are our recommendations for the three pairs of cute walking shoes you absolutely need to pack:

A pair of casual walking shoes for long days of sightseeing. Make sure yours have sufficient arch support to help prevent your feet from getting fatigued while traipsing around your destination. Shock absorption in the heel and cushioning throughout absorb the impact of each step so you won’t miss a thing while sightseeing. You can also consider packing a pair of slip on sneakers because you can dress them up or down while still having the arch support you crave. Pro tip: If you plan on walking a lot on your vacation, we recommend packing a pair of women’s slippers with arch support for when you get back to your room so that you can allow your feet to relax comfortably.

Casual slip-on sneaker for everyday wear

A pair of ballet flats for all-day wear and airport travel. Ballet flats are easy to slip on and off while going through airport security and are sophisticated enough for a culture tour through museums, galleries and city walks. Find a neutral color that will pair with anything in your travel wardrobe. Word of caution: not all ballet flats are created equal. Look for ones with a contoured arch and deep heel cup to support the curves of your feet and promote natural alignment.

Ballet flats with arch support give you all-day support and style


A pair of wedges for outings that call for a little more elegance. If your vacation includes fancy dinners or a more glamorous look, reach for a pair of wedges. They’ll instantly elevate your look while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground – Cobblestones? Grass? No problem! Find a pair with a deep heel cup for stability and arch support to evenly distribute pressure across your entire foot.

Wedge espadrille with arch support for an evening out

Bonus Tip: Is your vacation taking you to the beach? Slip a pair of low-profile flip flops with arch support into your bag. They’re thin enough to easily fit in your suitcase yet have a contoured arch to support your feet in comfort. Perfect for going out to dinner or wearing around the beach town, try a pair of espadrille shoes with arch support. Check out more comfortable walking sandals in the styles you love – from stylish strappy sandals for women to men’s sandals with arch support.

Low-profile flip flops with arch support


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