6 Stylish Shoes to Wear With Scrubs


If you’re a nurse, doctor, medical assistant, or another type of healthcare worker, scrubs are the name of the game. For many, the uniform is a good thing—it’s comfy, practical, flattering, and you can rock tons of different colors and prints. And yet, as medical professionals know, the floors of hospitals and clinics can be slippery. This means slip resistant shoes are a must. So the question is how to wear scrubs fashionably with non-slip footwear.

Here at Vionic, we realize slip-resistant footwear has a reputation for being less-than-fashionable. But we’re here to tell you that’s not always the case—you just need to know where to look. Consider this your guide to stylish healthcare shoes to wear with scrubs.

What Shoes to Wear with Scrubs

If you think comfy, supportive shoes with anti-slip soles can’t possibly be cute, you’re not alone. It’s not fun being wrong, but in this case, we think you’ll be glad to be mistaken.


When trying to figure out what shoes to wear with scrubs, many fall back on clogs, cross-training sneakers, or running shoes, as they usually have sturdy, shock-absorbing soles. There’s nothing wrong with these styles, but we’re pleased to tell you they aren’t your only options. Find a rundown of the six best shoes to wear with scrubs below.

Fiona Pro Slip-On

A shining star in the Vionic Pro collection, the Fiona Pro Slip-On is a comfy and trendy nursing shoe for women who log long hours at the hospital. The professional yet laid-back design is versatile, flattering, and elegant. With our proprietary Vio-Grip Technology, these scrub shoes have performance-tested non-slip outsoles with unbeatable shock absorption. Not only that, but the outsole passes ASTM F1677 (MARK II) testing for slip-resistant service shoes.

The Fiona Pro features lightweight engineering on the synthetic uppers, which come in shiny black or a navy chevron pattern and can be wiped clean. These nursing shoes also have mesh-wrapped EVA footbeds that you can remove and replace with the supportive insoles of your choice. When you rock a pair of Fionas, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when your feet aren’t in pain after a long shift.

Juliana Pro Slip-On Sneaker


For an understated yet chic and versatile option, check out the Juliana Pro Slip-On Sneaker. Like the Fiona, this laceless active-style shoe has durable, slip-resistant outsoles that meet performance standards for professionals. Additionally, they have removable mesh-wrapped footbeds, which can be replaced with the orthotics that best align with your lifestyle and foot type.

With a pair of Juliana Slip-Ons, you’ll also get twin gore panels and pull tabs on the back, making them extra comfortable and easy to slip on and off. This shoe has flexible and breathable mesh uppers to keep your feet cool for hours on end. Choose from neutral black or slay gray, both of which will go with virtually any set of scrubs.

Kiara Pro Sneaker

If you’re partial to athletic shoes for work but want a non-slip option, we think you’ll love the Kiara Pro Sneaker. This lace-up women’s style is reminiscent of your favorite cross-trainer or tennis shoe. Whether your shifts involve hours of standing, walking around slick hospital floors, or both, these nurse shoes can provide relief for your feet, hips, and knees. They have padded collars and are designed to support active doctors and nurses who spend the majority of their workdays on their feet.

The Kiara Pro features a sturdy, anti-slip rubber outsole. It’s the perfect balance of durable, flexible, and lightweight. Also, this comfy sneaker comes with removable EVA footbeds and built-in Vio-Motion Support technology, meaning you can count on arch support, heel stability, and plush cushioning. The mesh uppers come in navy, fuchsia, periwinkle blue, or black.

Landon Pro Sneaker for Men

The Vionic Pro collection has men’s shoes to wear with scrubs too. Say hello to the Landon Pro Sneaker, a practical yet handsome active-style medical shoe with a notably durable, slip-resistant rubber sole. This lace-up sneaker also has a patterned tread underneath the soles for added grip on slippery floors.

These sneakers come in black with black soles, charcoal grey with white soles, or navy with white soles. They have breathable mesh uppers and Vio-Motion footbeds with removable insoles for temperature control and flexibility. When you put on a pair of Landon sneakers, you’ll look professional and put-together but also approachable. But most importantly, you’ll be comfortable all day, no matter how demanding your job is.

Other Comfortable Styles to Consider

Many employers require non-slip footwear as part of the dress code, especially in hospitals, clinics, restaurants, and salons. If your job calls for slip-resistant shoes, we definitely recommend styles from the Vionic Pro collection. However, if you have more flexibility and are looking for a stylish option with adequate support and traction, you might consider the Aimmy or the Curtis.

Aimmy Active Sneaker


The Aimmy Active Sneaker is a casual athletic shoe for women. With breathable knit uppers and adjustable hook-and-loop criss-cross straps, you can count on the perfect fit. This lightweight shoe has durable rubber outsoles and removable mesh-covered EVA footbeds. But that’s not all. The top-rated Aimmy features Vionic’s Advanced Motion System (AMS) technology, which combines podiatrist-designed orthotics with a flexible, cushioned sole. It’s perfect for work, play, or any day.

Curtis Slip-On


The Curtis Slip-On is a practical yet dapper style for men. With mesh and neoprene uppers and performance outsoles, these shoes are the perfect combination of active and professional. The uppers come in dark brown or black. With neoprene lining and convenient pull tabs on the back, they’re easy to get on and off. Featuring innovative Vio-Motion technology, these shoes feature orthotic engineering to support realignment and provide relief from a variety of foot ailments. And like all footwear from Vionic, the Curtis is designed for all-day comfort.

Professional Shoes for Healthcare Workers

At Vionic, we view physicians, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, and all healthcare workers as real-life superheroes. You’re on the frontlines every day, ready to help and heal others. We’d be honored to provide you with supportive footwear to carry you through your workday. Whether you need stylish nursing shoes or comfortable dentist shoes, the Vionic Pro line includes several stylish options, all designed to provide the support you need with a demanding job.


Vio-Motion Support

As we mentioned, all shoes from Vionic are engineered with Vio-Motion Support. Our exclusive footwear technology ensures that each pair is embedded with the arch support, cushioning, and heel stability you crave.

When you slide into a pair of our comfortable shoes, you’ll instantly feel the difference. For many people, Vionic footwear can offer relief from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma, bunions, hammertoe, and other painful foot conditions. Not only that, but Vio-Motion technology is concealed within the soles of Vionic shoes, so you’ll never have to choose between comfort and fashion.

Vio-Grip Outsoles

Shoes from the Vionic Pro collection have Vio-Grip technology, but what does this mean, exactly? Each pair passes ASTM International F1677 testing standards for anti-slip outsoles. They’re evaluated on different wet, greasy, and otherwise slick surfaces to make sure the design adequately prevents trips and falls[2].

When you’re clocked in, you should be able to focus on caring for patients without worrying about slipping on a wet floor. Our reliable Vio-Grip outsoles have patterned tread for maximum traction while on the job.

Making the Most of Your Vionic Pro Shoes

Like most new pairs of shoes, Vionic Pro styles often need to be broken in. We suggest wearing them for a few hours or half on each shift the first couple of times. That way, the material will have a chance to conform to the shape of your feet while you adjust to the orthotics. Also, we recommend wiping off your work shoes regularly with a clean cloth to remove dust and liquid spills. Though all Vionic Pro shoes are water-resistant, they’ll need to be air-dried if they become damp.

When it comes to shoes to wear with scrubs, there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t look as good as they feel. For fashion-forward professional footwear with orthotic support, Vionic has you covered. Try our contemporary styles for women and men today, from slip-on sneakers to lace-up shoes. We’re confident you’ll find the right shoe for work.


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