How to Wear Scrubs Fashionably: 8 Style Tips


There are many benefits to wearing scrubs. They’re super practical, flattering on all body types, and comfortable. Sometimes, scrubs can be even comfier than regular clothes. Unlike business-casual or more formal dress codes, you don’t have to worry about stiff, uncomfortable attire. And in most cases, you won’t need to put a whole lot of thought into your daily ensemble. Having said that, there’s always room to step up your fashion game at work with the right pair of scrubs and corresponding slip resistant shoes.

The team at Vionic views healthcare professionals as heroes. Whether you’re a nurse, physician, surgeon, dental hygienist, vet tech, or another type of medical worker, we commend you for being on the frontlines every day. To express a small amount of gratitude, we’ve put together our best tips on how to wear scrubs fashionably below.

1. Find the Right Fit

As we mentioned, medical scrubs are universally flattering—as long as they fit properly. If you’re wondering how to wear scrubs in a way that looks good on your frame, you’ll need to find the right size and fit.

When shopping for scrubs, try to find styles that aren’t too loose or tight. Both can make your uniform impractical and less flattering. Some nursing and surgical scrubs come in standard sizes for men and women, and you can usually count on the same size you wear with street clothes. However, some brands have small, medium, and large sizing, which can be a little vaguer.

Do you typically wear slim-cut pants and shirts or boxier cuts with everyday clothing? If you have an idea of which fits look best on your body, go with that. For many healthcare providers and others who work in the medical field, the key is finding a brand you love. That way, you can order new pieces online without having to try them on. We suggest trying on a few styles and sizes from various brands until you land on the right fit.

2. Wear Quality Fabrics

Fabric has a lot to do with how scrubs fit, so material definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. For instance, stretchy fabrics can be tighter, so you’ll need to consider that when selecting a size. Also, some fabrics are notably thin, which can make you uncomfortably cold throughout the day.

Like high-quality athleisure and activewear, the best styles will be made with performance fabrics. We’re talking durable, breathable, sweat-wicking materials that you can move around in. Additionally, you can find scrubs in anti-wrinkle fabrics. This can help you look polished and put-together throughout even your longest, most demanding shifts.

3. Think Outside the Blue

When people think of scrubs, they often picture the classic medium blue seen so often in hospitals and on TV. And yet, as you probably know, this isn’t your only color option. Don’t get us wrong—there’s nothing wrong with blue, and it looks great on many healthcare workers. But we recommend finding a hue that best complements your skin tone.

To figure out which scrub color (or colors) flatter your complexion, hold the fabric up to your face. If it provides you with a bright, glowing look, it’s your shade. On the other hand, if it makes you look pallid or blotchy, try another hue. When you land on the right shade, you can use it as a starting point for cute scrub outfits.

4. Play with Prints

ou’ve probably seen your fair share of printed scrubs with animal graphics, hearts, cartoons, and other kid-friendly designs. If you’re partial to prints but want to look more fashionable and refined, we’ve got some hacks up our sleeves.

Similar to printed jeans and pants, the most flattering options tend to feature small prints, meaning the actual graphics are scaled down to a smaller size. We love the look of scrubs with small floral prints or delicate dots. Leopard print can also be chic.



5. Layer It On

As we said, some scrubs are relatively thin, which can leave you feeling cold throughout your shift. Layering your outfit is an excellent way to stay warm, but it can also help you look more stylish. Many healthcare professionals wear solid long-sleeve shirts underneath their tops. You might also consider a simple t-shirt, which will provide medium warmth without making you overheat.

If you’re a doctor or work in another position that calls for a lab coat, this is another excellent layering option. Whether you’re rocking a long-sleeve undershirt, basic tee, or a scrub jacket, we suggest going with the same color as your scrubs or a neutral, complementing hue to avoid outfits that look too busy.

6. Accessorize

One of the best ways to curate cute scrub outfits is with accessories. Of course, you want your ensemble to still be practical and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little flair.

If you’re not quite sure how to accessorize a medical uniform, start with a watch. Not only will it give your outfit character, but it’ll also help you stay on track during your busy workday. We suggest getting a water-resistant style so that you can sanitize it to remove germs. Also, try to find one that displays the date, as it’ll come in handy when you talk to patients and enter medical data.

You might also consider simple earrings, like studs, that won’t get in your way. Understated necklaces can be a good option, too, but go for styles that can be tucked into your shirt if needed. Hair accessories can make your work look pop without going over the top. You can also get a cool lanyard to display your hospital badge.

7. Keep Your Scrubs Clean

This might seem obvious, but you’ll look your best when your scrubs are clean. Of course, you can expect to get marks on them throughout the day. But when you go home, make sure you treat them for stains before throwing them in the laundry. Hanging your scrubs to dry can also help keep them in pristine shape.

You’ll want to iron your nursing scrubs before heading to work too. To save time, opt for an anti-wrinkle material that doesn’t need to be ironed. This will help you get ready faster and keep you looking put-together until the last minute of your shift.

8. Wear Stylish Non-Slip Shoes

So, what shoes to wear with scrubs if you’re trying to dress to impress? If you’re wondering how to wear scrubs fashionably, stylish non-slip shoes are an essential piece of the equation. As a medical professional, you can expect slippery floors in the clinic, operating room, and throughout the hospital halls. That’s why slip-resistant shoes are essential.

When you browse the Vionic Pro collection, you’ll find slip-on and lace-up shoes to wear with scrubs. Each pair features our Vio-Grip Technology, meaning the durable outsoles pass ASTM F1677 (MARK II) testing for resistance on wet, greasy, and otherwise slick surfaces. Also, the soles have patterned tread underneath for added traction and grip. Not only that, but all shoes from Vionic have orthotic arch support and cushioning embedded right into the soles.

Putting Style and Comfort on the Frontlines

If you think anti-slip shoes can possibly be fashion-forward, we’re pleased to tell you this isn’t always the case. The Vionic Pro line includes several contemporary options of healthcare shoes for women and men that are flattering, stylish, and effortlessly cool.

You care for others, and we want to help you care for your feet. Shop the Vionic Pro collection today for stylish nursing shoes.


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