7 Shoe Trends For Spring

Tis the season for tulips, bunnies, picnics, and the reappearance of sunny days and short sleeves. The most exciting part? It’s finally time to put all of those winter boots in the back of the closet and break out the spring shoes.

You’ve still got your favorite pair from last year, but it is the season for new life, after all. So, why not breathe a bit of fresh air into last season’s footwear collection by adding a new pair into the mix? 

In this guide, we’re spilling all the secrets about shoe trends for spring. From slip-ons to strappy sandals, we’ll cover all of the must-have styles—and how to wear them. If you’re looking to embrace the blooming season with a touch of elegance, explore our collection of exquisite women’s shoes for spring.

#1 One-Of-A-Kind Wedges

From the basket-like aesthetic on the heels to cute peep toes, what about wedges doesn’t shout spring shoes?

This year weparticularly love strappy wedges and backless wedges. Don them for barbecues, Easter Sunday, or a stroll on the boardwalk—or really any situation where you want a little extra height, but you don’t want your heels sinking through the soft spring grass. 

Beyond that, we love wedges for their chameleon-like versatility. Strappy wedges are a jazzy way to dress up a springy outfit, whereas backless wedges are brimming with casual-chic vibes.

One of the best parts about wedges is that there are practically infinite ways to style them. This season, we’re loving:

  • Strappy wedges to dress up a more casual outfit – A good pair of strappy wedges can really take skinny jeans and a blouse from casual to chic. Or, you can elevate a 90s-inspired grunge look by combining them with high-waisted, bootcut denim jeans and your favorite graphic tee. 
  • Backless wedges for a beach outfit – On a cloud-free day, take to the beach in a cutout onepiece, sarong, and backless wedges. Plus, backless wedges are so easy to slip on, and off—you can go from barefoot to beach-bar-ready in seconds. 
  • Bright strappy wedges with a white sundress – Start with a simple white dress and take it up a few notches with a bright pair of strappy wedges, adding a pop of springtime color to an otherwise ordinary fit. 

#2 Sunny Sandals

Out of all the spring fashion trends, sunny sandals never go out of style. After a long winter, it’s time to coax your feet out of your wool socks and back into sun-loving sandals. Of course, “sandals” is a bit of a broad category, so let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite styles that are making waves this spring:

  • Slides – This backless style gets its name from the ease with which your feet can slide in and out of them. Pair them with your favorite athleisure set before you hit the gym or for a brisk walk on the beach. Plus, they’re so comfortable they might beat your slippers out of a job. 
  • Toe post sandals – Another backless spring trend, shoes in this category earn high praise for their comfortable fit and casual flair. Be on the lookout for styles with plenty of arch support that set them apart from paper-thin flip flops. 
  • Sandals with back straps – For those eager to hit the sandy trails this spring, be sure you’re equipped with a pair of sandals with back straps. An adjustable, heel-hugging band will help keep your feet securely in place as you prance from the fields to the farmer’s market. 
  • Platform sandals – This category is straight out of the 70s—but this spring, they’re coming with a slightly more modern touch. Criss-cross straps and chunky lug soles are all the rage and for good reason. They’re a sporty accessory for casual gym wear and a perfect pairing when combined with shorts or a mini skirt. 

Beyond the shape of your sandal, don’t forget to play around with some of the season’s top colors and patterns, including:

  • Bold, vibrant colors like emerald green, cerulean blue, or dahlia purple
  • Eye-catching patterns like color-block designs, delicate florals, or sweeping stripes


#3 Sassy Strappy Sandals

Who says walking sandals have to be boring? Step aside, sandals. These strap-adorned shoes are one-of-a-kind, earning them a category all their own. Beyond the heel-hugging back strap, this springtime style is covered with bands of fabric from top to bottom. Not to mention, you can find them with or without heels, depending on your preference. 

Similar to wedges—but a tad dressier—these spring-fashion shoes have several styling possibilities:

  • Dress up any outfit – Strappy sandals—no matter the heel type—can elevate practically any ensemble from casual to eye-catching. Pair them with 70s-inspired bellbottom jeans or with linen shorts as spring days start fading into summer. 
  • Wear them with a cocktail dress – What’s the hottest event on your springtime social calendar? Stock up on a pair of strappy sandals to wear alongside a slinky cocktail dress. Opt for a classic color, like black, to maximize pairings. Or step out in hot pink for a statement-making look. 

#4 Forget-Me-Not Flats

All sandals for women serve a purpose. What is the women’s flat sandals’ purpose? Comfort. After a night in strappy sandals, it might be time to bring your feet a bit closer to the ground. Whether you keep your flats in your purse to wear for the second half of a night out or right by the front door to wear in the morning, your feet will thank you for letting them sit, well, flat.

Besides that, flats’ cuteness factor is hard to deny. What’s not to love about a ballet flat, a pointy-nosed flat, or a boxtoed flat? They walk the line between ultra-feminine and complete comfort—a mighty fine place to be, if you ask us.

As for styling? Dont forget to:

  • Make sure that your pants are the right length – For the best styling, we recommend settling into a pair of skinny jeans that end just above the ankle or boot-cut jeans that fall just below. 
  • Secure the right pair of socks – Opt for low-cut, no-show socks to keep your feet from slipping. 

#5 Everyday-Luxe Loafers

If you’re trying to channel your inner boss lady this spring, it’s time to step into a pair of oh-so-chic loafers. It’s a classic look that’s equal parts sharp and sleek. Plus, they’re ideal for early spring when the temperatures are climbing, but you might not be quite ready for open-toed footwear. 

Style loafers to perfection by:

  • Combining them with a pinafore dress – For a preppy look, slip into a long sleeve top, a plaid pinafore dress, and finish it off with a pair of black, lug-sole loafers. 
  • Donning them to the office – Pretty and professional, these peony loafers are the perfect match for high-waisted trousers and a drop-shoulder blazer.

#6 All-White Sneakers

If there’s one shoe trend that we’re psyched about this spring, it’s all-white sneakers (although there are also sneakers that come in fashion colors for spring). For starters, they’re more than just a passing craze. Year after year, ivory lace-ups seem to take command of the show for their versatility and effortless pairing options. It’s also one of the 90s inspired shoes that can be nostalgic but at the same time contemporary.

Plus, our orthotic white sneakers offer everyday comfort you can count on—whether you’re biking to the office or taking the long way around the block just to bask in all that extra sunshine. 

Let’s face it—is there any wrong way to style this all-in-one staple? We could tell you a zillion outfit ideas, but we’d probably keep you here until next spring. Instead, get out and hunt for those springtime crocuses in one of these impossibly cute ensembles: 

  • With jeans – From bootcut to boyfriend, pull out your go-to denim look and finish it off with a bright pair of all-white kicks. 
  • With a sundress – Hello, sunshine—and hello, sundresses! It’s time to frolic in fields of wildflowers in a matching floral maxi dress. Stay quick on your feet with a supportive pair of white lace-ups. 
  • With a little black dress – Black and white, formal and casual—it’s all about contrast. For a pop of height, make them platform

#7 Springy Slip-Ons

To round out our selection of trending spring fashion, shoes like slip-ons can be overlooked. We’ve got a potpourri of slip-on styles that are sure to please practically any comfort-loving fashionista. 

Here’s a look at our top picks of the seasons:

  • Sneaker mules – They’ve got the support of a sneaker but the breathability of sandals. Name a better combo—we’ll wait. 
  • Canvas slip-on shoes Aside from their adorable patterns and bright colors, these springy slip-ons are laces-free, meaning you won’t have to stop mid-frolic to tie your shoes. 
  • Beach Sneakers – These are the ultimate in carefree outdoor play because they’re made to be super durable and washable. An added bonus? They come in over a dozen unique prints and patterns. 

Honorable Mentions:

Here are the spring shoe trends that may not have made the cut but are still pretty relevant for the season:

Ballet Flats

Platform Shoes

Cowboy Boots

Gladiator Sandal

Vionic: Supportive Shoes for Your Most Stylish Spring Yet

Whether you skip to the park in a pair of loafers or don your wedges on a mid-day date, make sure your footwear can keep up with whatever adventures lie ahead this spring. And when it’s time to freshen up your selection, make sure to catch up with all the latest styles in the Vionic collection. 

From orthotic sandals for women to supportive sneakers, your summer shoes should be as comfortable as they are stylish. Combining arch support technology with sophisticated styles, we make sure your feet get the very best of both worlds. From slippers and sandals to loafers and flats, with Vionic, you’ll find just what you need to put a spring in your step this season.



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