8 Tips for Better Walking | Vionic Shoes

Can you walk the walk? Long and leisurely or brisk and fast-paced, walking provides numerous benefits for your overall health. If you’re thinking about incorporating walking into your daily routine or are already a walking pro, Vionic wants to support you on your journey. To help make the most of your walking routine, we’re sharing our 8 tips for better walking.


  • Apply sunscreen. It’s always wise to protect your skin from the potentially harsh rays of the sun. APMA recommends applying sunscreen all over the feet, especially on the tops and the fronts of your ankles.
  • Stay hydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water whenever you are participating in any form of exercise. Drinking more water can also help lessen the swelling of feet and ankles.
  • Move on the map. Is your usual walking route beginning to feel monotonous? Map out a new route or discover hiking trails nearby.
  • Wear supportive shoes. Orthotic inserts or shoes with arch support can help keep you comfortable during your walks. Comfortable walking shoes that provide arch support are crucial to making sure you’re taking care of your feet, especially if you are looking for shoes for plantar fasciitis relief. 
  • Find a partner. Spend time catching up with friends or make it a date with your spouse. Walking with others can make your route more fun and safe.
  • Stretch it out. Stretching your feet after a walk can prevent injury and keep your feet healthy. Podiatrist Dr. Jackie Sutera recommends doing calf stretches to reduce knee pain.
  • Set goals. No matter what you’re aiming to achieve with your walking, setting goals will help you stay motivated and can give a feeling of accomplishment.


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