ACTIVE RECOVERY: The 27th Mile With Ciara Lucas


Congrats on crossing the finish line! Your hard work has led you to a huge accomplishment. What comes next after you cross the finish line? These “27th mile” tips will help you go the extra mile in your recovery. 


  • Refuel (carbs + electrolytes) 
    • Bring on the pasta and pizza! 


  • Keep moving to support circulation
    • Don’t come to a sudden stop! Go for a light walk for a descending recovery.


  • Stretch every day 
    • This recovery routine should be maintained even post-race. Even just 5-10 minutes can make a difference.


  • Keep prioritizing your nutrition and sleep!
    • Your body is hard at work recovering. Support it by providing nourishing food and adequate sleep. 


  • Resist the urge to run for 1 week
    • Take a break! Kick your feet up and enjoy at least a week of relaxation. 


  • Take pride in your accomplishments
    • Let your success sink in. You did it!


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