Best House Shoes for Comfortable Lounging

Best House Shoes for Comfortable Lounging

When you’re home, you want to be comfy and cozy from head to toe. For some, this means soft pajamas and a fluffy robe, and for others, it’s about plush furniture, warm blankets, and a crackling fireplace. In any case, when you’re hanging out in your humble abode, your feet shouldn’t be overlooked.

Whether you’re the type of person who changes into sweatpants as soon as you walk through your front door or just want designated indoor shoe, you’ve come to the right place. As the name suggests, house shoes (AKA slippers) are meant to be worn inside, and they happen to be the best shoes to wear around the house.

Here at Vionic, we want your feet to feel good no matter what you’re doing—even if it’s just lounging at home. We’re experts in all types of footwear, including supportive slippers. Just like street shoes, the best shoes to wear at home will be comfortable, cozy, and supportive while promoting your body’s natural alignment. Find an overview of the best house shoes for sore feet below.


Comfortable House Shoes for Women

Comfortable House Shoes for Women

There are several styles of slippers on the market. However, when it comes to comfortable house shoes for women, we’re partial to slip-on slippers, toe-post slippers, mule slippers, and plush slippers.

Slip-On Slippers

Slip-on slippers are ideal for at-home wear. With an open heel, you don’t need to bend over or sit down to put them on. The luxurious slip-on house shoes for women from Vionic have extra-soft suede uppers and faux-shearling lining with a sturdy rubber outsole and a perfect heel height of just over an inch. Choose from multiple neutral colors, animal prints, and subtle design accents that’ll complement any loungewear look.

If you’ve got Morton’s neuroma, overpronation, or other foot problems, you’ll need adequate support, even when you’re at home. A good slipper can do the trick if it’s designed with these foot problems in mind. Featuring built-in orthotic insole completely hidden within a cushy silhouette, our women’s slippers with arch support are so supportive and comfortable you won’t want to take them off.

Toe-Post Slippers

If you’re looking for house shoes that are easy to get on and off but stay on your feet when you want them to, we recommend toe-post slippers. With wide thong-style straps, you can effortlessly slide into this house slipper without worrying about them sliding off. They’re the perfect shoe to wear around the house or even to a spa.

The lavish toe-post slippers from Vionic are made with the softest terry cloth or faux fur with a slightly elevated heel. If you need slippers for plantar fasciitis, we’ve got you covered. Our styles have a podiatrist-designed deep heel cup and contoured arch support, which can help align your stride and alleviate symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Vionic’s toe-post house shoes for women also feature flexible shock-absorbing midsoles and antibacterial footbeds treated for odorresistance.

Mule Slippers

Mules are a slip-on footwear style with no backing. They were first popularized in 18th-century Europe and originally worn as an at-home shoe. Though today’s mules are available in a variety of wear-anywhere styles, mule slippers take the shoe back to its roots. When you slip into a pair of spa-style mule house shoes from Vionic, you’ll feel right at home.

With adjustable uppers made of lush terry cloth, you can get the perfect fit and pamper your feet all day long. Our collection includes elegant neutrals, like tan, gray, and black, as well as animal print, blush pink, and other flirty options. And with a deep heel cup, shock-absorbing midsoles, and biomechanically contoured arches, Vionic mule slippers are supportive and beneficial for your foot health.


Plush Slippers

To really maximize your comfort while lounging at home, you might want to go for plush slippers. Kick your heels up in a pair of seriously soft plush house shoes from Vionic, which received the AMPA Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.  This women’s slipper features faux-fur or terry cloth footbeds and uppers, and with adjustable velcro across the top, you can ensure the right fit.

With an unbelievably leisurely yet supportive shoe design, our plush fuzzy slippers are the ultimate relaxation footwear. Your feet will be surrounded in fuzzy softness with the perfect orthotic insole contouring to reduce foot fatigue. Not only that, but the TPR outsoles have patterned tread, making them suitable as indoor and outdoor shoes. Whether you’re curling up with a book, watching a movie, or making a leisurely brunch at home, these are one of the best types of shoes to wear inside and outside your house.


Comfortable House Shoes for Men

Comfortable House Shoes for Men

Slippers are a staple for men’s loungewear, and just like women’s styles, there are lots of different options. If you really want to turn up the gears on your at-home relaxation, you’ll need a pair of supportive, comfortable house shoes with reliable outsoles. With that said, our favorite men’s comfortable slippers are mule slippers and moccasin slippers.

Mule Slippers

Mule slippers for men are an effortless slip-on style. The designs from Vionic are made with support and comfort in mind, featuring orthotic footbeds covered in plush faux-shearling. This comfortable shoe comes with suede uppers in handsome neutrals, like black, gray, and tan. As soon as you get home, you’ll want to slide them on, and we won’t blame you if you never want to take them off.

The durable rubber outsoles and weather-resistant materials make these house shoes suitable for light outdoor use. And if you’re wondering how to keep your feet warm and comfortable, these house shoes will do just the trick. So, whether you’re hanging out in your man cave, sitting back to binge your favorite show, or grilling on your patio, you can get your chill on in a pair of men’s mule slippers from Vionic.

Moccasin Slippers

For a slightly more dapper, sophisticated house shoe, you might consider a moccasin slipper. Inspired by the authentic footwear of Native Americans, moccasin slippers are a practical and comfortable choice for at-home wear. The men’s moccasins from Vionic have plush faux-shearling lining for a continuously cozy feel and soft suede uppers. Plus, they have our signature built-in orthotics for unbeatable arch support, cushioning, and stability.

With sturdy rubber sole and weather-resistant material, you can wear our moccasin slippers while lounging at home, running errands around town, or even going for a quick walk around your neighborhood. The versatile design can effortlessly complement pajamas, athleisure outfits, or street clothes.



Why You Should Consider Arch-Support House Shoes

At Vionic, we’re passionate about podiatry, and we can’t stress the importance of proper footwear enough. To remedy a wide range of foot issues, one of the first steps is ensuring all your shoes have adequate support. Getting orthotic sneakers and work shoes is straightforward enough. Still, a lot of people tend to forget about their slippers—or assume what they wear at home doesn’t impact their foot health. And unfortunately, many slippers on the market lack the support department.

Slippers are supposed to be comfortable and warm, right? But just because you won’t be wearing them out and about doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the same level of support as your other footwear—especially if you have heel pain, chronic discomfort, plantar fasciitis pain, alignment issues, or other foot problems. That’s why you need the best slippers for foot pain.

Vio-Motion Support

Vionic is proud to say that all of our shoes and slippers have podiatrist-designed arch support. Our Vio-Motion Support technology ensures that every pair features three-zoned comfort, including heel stability, contoured arches, and comfortable cushioning. Our designs can help relieve foot pain and discomfort while promoting your body’s natural alignment.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to live with aches and pains in your feet, heels, ankles, calves, or knees. Whether you rock slippers most of the day or wear them only for an hour or two at a time, arch support is essential. Your feet should never be the cause of your discomfort, especially at home. Orthotic house shoes are a happy medium between street shoes and floppy foam slippers with flat soles. Once you experience the benefits of slippers with arch support, you’ll be glad to have the support.

Additionally, be sure to take care of your slippers whether it’s with hand washing or machine washing your house shoes to get the most wear out of them.


Comfy-Cozy Orthotic Slippers from Vionic

Fuzzy socks, flannel pajamas, and your favorite neck pillow go a long way, but to really pull out all the stops with your at-home relaxation, you need a good pair of comfy house shoes. Are you ready to take your lounging up a notch? The men’s and women’s slippers from Vionic include soft and leisurely slip-ons, mules, plush slippers, moccasins, and toe-post slippers.

Whether you’re looking for plantar fasciitis shoes, sore foot slippers, or just cozy slippers for the house, we’ve got you covered at Vionic. With every cozy slipper pair, you can count on a warm and luxurious feel with all the support and cushioning your feet need. You shouldn’t have to struggle with a swollen foot or a sore foot at home. When your feet feel good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can relax. It’s as simple as that.

Browse comfortable house shoes for men and women from Vionic today!

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