9 Stylish Women’s & Men’s Shoes for Rainy Days

9 Stylish Women’s & Men’s Shoes for Rainy Days

Depending on where you live, you might face a substantial amount of wet weather each year. A proper raincoat is a must—along with a hat or umbrella—but you can’t weather the storm without adequate footwear. Whether you’re expecting a light drizzle or a torrential downpour, you’ll need water-resistant shoes. The problem is the rain boot that most people imagine are a mud-soaked Wellington boots. But the good news is that weather-proofed footwear can still be totally fashionable.

Gone are the days when galoshes were the only shoes that could carry you through puddles and keep your feet dry in the rain and withstand wet conditions. So, what are the most stylish shoes for the wet season? As it turns out, you’ve got a few options.

At Vionic, we’re passionate about creating supportive footwear that’s just as fashion-forward as it is practical. With that said, we know a thing or two about staying dry in inclement weather, and we’re here to share the knowledge. And even better is some of the types of footwear can easily be in line with winter boot trends and even match fall outfits with boots. Find our top rainy day shoe picks for women and men below.


Women’s Shoes for Rainy Day

The weather is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared with the right pair of shoes. For rainy days, we recommend classic ankle boots, sporty booties, or slip-resistant sneakers for women. Each style will help keep you dry and comfortable while making a statement. Keep reading for a breakdown of stylish and comfortable shoes for women that are perfect for rainy days.

Classic Ankle Boots

Classic Ankle Boots

We believe ankle booties for women have a place in every fall and winter wardrobe. An ankle boot is chic, classy, and can be dressed up or down. Vionic carries several styles of weather-resistant ankle boots with modest heel heights between 1.5 and 2 inches.

Choose from western-inspired styles with subtle almond-shaped toes or sophisticated, straightforward designs. Side zippers and elastic gores make our ankle boots easy to take on and off without sacrificing a secure fit. Best of all, the leather uppers are treated with a protective coating to repel rain and other liquids.

Sporty Booties

Sporty Booties

Sporty booties resemble high-top sneakers with classic laces and a casual appeal. But the uppers are usually made of leather or suede, and the outsoles have a bit more of a heel than most sneakers. We love this footwear look for colder days—you can rock sneaker booties with jeans, leggings, athleisure outfits, and other casual sporty outfits.

Check out the sporty booties from Vionic. You’ll find high-top designs with super-soft nubuck leather uppers, easy-on side zippers, and slightly elevated heels about 1.25 inches in height. Removable jersey-covered EVA footbeds, durable outsoles, arch support, and comfy cushioning make our women’s booties endlessly comfortable.

Heeled Boots

Heeled Boots

For professional, formal, and romantic occasions, is it possible to look the part without getting completely drenched from head to toe? Believe it or not, you can wear heels in the rain—heeled boots, that is. If you’ve got important places to be and want to dress up your outfit without letting the rain get you down, heeled ankle boots are the way to go.




When you browse weather-resistant heeled boots from Vionic, you’ll find block-heel designs between 2.5 to 3 inches in height. Our elevated women’s boots have extra-soft and weather-treated nubuck leather, suede, and textile uppers with easy-on zippers along the inner ankles. With a dressy raincoat, you’ll look put-together and ready for any classy occasion.

Slip-Resistant Sneakers

For a more casual aesthetic, consider slip-resistant sneakers with weather-proofed uppers. You won’t have to worry about slipping as you walk around outside or ruining your shoes as the rain pours down.

Vionic carries a variety of slip-resistant shoes for women, including lace-up and slip-on sneakers. They have weather-resistant lightweight leather uppers that can be wiped down for easy cleaning. But what really makes our sneakers stand out is their anti-slip outsoles with superior traction. And with flexible dual-gore panels, you’ll stay comfortable on your feet, no matter where you’re headed or what the weather forecast says. Not sure if a pair of shoes are slip resistant? Check out our guide on how to tell if shoes are non slip.


Men’s Shoes for Rainy Day

What about the guys? To take the rainy weather in stride, we suggest chukka boots, Chelsea boots, driving moccasins, oxfords, or slip-resistant sneakers for men. As long as they’re weather-treated like the styles from Vionic, you can look dapper in we weather while staying dry.

Slip-Resistant Sneakers

Slip-Resistant Sneakers

Active footwear is comfy, casual, and practical. But if you want to wear men’s casual sneakers in the rain, slip-resistance is key. With non-slip outsoles, you’re less likely to slip as you walk on the wet ground outside. And if you opt for a slip-resistant style with weather-proofed uppers, that’s even better.

The anti-slip sneakers from Vionic feature durable rubber outsoles with unbeatable traction. With lightweight, breathable mesh uppers, removable EVA footbeds, and biomechanical technology hidden within each shoe, you can say hello to all-day comfort. And when you don’t have to worry about slipping, you’ll be truly unstoppable.

Shoe Care During Rainy Weather

Just because the shoe can withstand wet conditions doesn’t mean they are invincible. Obviously, the best way to care for them is to not get them wet. But if that is unavoidable, consider applying a waterproof spray before going out into the rain. When traversing in wet weather, you’re not just dealing with rain but also with mud, which can get in between the grooves and curves of the outsole. Not many people know that mud also damage shoes, so make sure to remove the mud from the outsole as thoroughly as you can. You should also research how to care for the shoe based on its material. For example, apply a leather conditioner to leather shoes to prevent them from cracking. As for suede shoes, thoroughly wipe off stains with a microfiber towel (or paper towel). The point is you do not underestimate water damage and try to mitigate the damage of wet shoes as much as possible.

Weather-Resistant Shoes for Rainy Days from Vionic

A little precipitation never hurt anyone, but it can definitely ruin a pair of shoes, especially during heavy rain. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a waterproof shoe. For rainy days, weather-resistant footwear is crucial. As we mentioned, this doesn’t mean you can’t look trendy or put-together. Vionic is proud to carry a broad range of fashionable weather-treated and anti-slip shoes for men and women.

From ankle boots, sporty booties, heeled boots, and non-slip sneakers to chukkas, Chelsea boots, driving mocs, and oxfords, we have it all. Whether you’re in need of business casual shoes for women for a day in the office, casual men’s sneakers to wear on a date, or stylish boots to wear at a happy hour with friends, you’ll look polished while staying prepared for a light drizzle, steady rainfall, or an all-out rainstorm.

You can’t predict rainy weather, but you do have some control over what you keep in your wardrobe. At Vionic, we believe your shoes (or lack of proper shoes) should never get in the way of where you’re headed. That’s why we’ve created the perfect footwear to rock on days when the weather is less than perfect. With water-resistant protective coating, sturdy outsoles with all-weather tread, and Vio-Motion Support orthotics, you really can’t go wrong.

Are you ready to bear the elements? Shop men’s and women’s rainy-day shoes from Vionic today.

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