Best Orthopedic Shoes For Men

Did you know that the shoes you wear each day can have a significant impact on your foot health and many other aspects of your overall health? One of the ways to make sure your feet are getting the support and cushioning they need to stay healthy is by investing in stylish orthopedic shoes for men. We know that many people feel unsure when they read the word orthopedic because orthopedic shoes are often discussed for people who have foot issues or are elderly, but orthopedic shoes are a great choice for everyone.


We’re here to educate you on why that’s the case and walk you through all of the various styles of men’s orthopedic shoes so that you can see that orthopedic shoes truly have to offer. At Vionic, we’ve designed everything from men’s orthopedic dress shoes to slippers so that you never have to choose between the support you need and the styles you love. We believe that shoes and foot health should be one and the same and that everyone deserves to have shoes that make them look and feel great. With our men’s orthopedic shoes, you can have both!

We want to educate you on the features that distinguish our orthopedic shoes and introduce you to a handful of the best stylish orthopedic shoes for men. Below is an introductory guide to the features you’ll find in our orthopedic shoes that are absent from many shoes, the range of styles of men’s orthopedic shoes, and our picks for the best orthopedic shoes for men.

An Introduction to the Orthopedic Difference

Before you can get to shopping for the perfect pair of men’s orthopedic shoes, we want to first walk you through what the differences are between Vionic’s orthotic shoes and other comfortable footwear. We believe that the orthopedic difference provides you with remarkable benefits that can improve your foot health and we want to make sure we arm you with that information so that you can make an informed decision.

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes that seemed relatively comfortable only to take them off later and have aching, sore feet? You’re not alone! This is a fairly common occurrence for many of us and usually, there are two main culprits: wearing men’s shoes that lack the supportive infrastructure your feet need to be truly comfortable or wearing shoes that don’t fit your feet properly (or both). Orthopedic leisure and work shoes address both of these issues by having the supportive technology your feet need built-in and being designed to create a comfortable, ideal environment for your feet. While cheap, unsupportive footwear sometimes has a narrow toe box that causes your feet to be pushed together, our orthopedic footwear has a toe box that comfortably houses all of your toes without cramming them together. This helps prevent many common foot issues, such as bunions, corns, and ingrown toenails.


At Vionic, we’ve made it our mission to create footwear that addresses the unique needs of your feet and offers you comfort all day long in the styles you love. In fact, we’ve built our business on delivering that. So how do our orthopedic shoes offer more than your average pair of footwear? It all comes down to the supportive features that we incorporate into our built-in orthotics. These supportive features help mimic the natural surfaces our feet are accustomed to treading on, like dirt and sand, rather than the hard, man-made surfaces that now dominate our world. Our supportive technology replicates these soft, forgiving surfaces by contouring to your feet and providing comfortable, all day (and night) support. Below is an overview of a few of the most beneficial features that we have in our orthopedic shoes for men.

  • A podiatrist-designed footbed in every pair that promotes natural alignment from the ground up. Vionic’s orthotic technology was developed by renowned Australian podiatrist Philip Vasyli who created the first heat-moldable orthotic inserts to help the people he saw every day find relief from their foot pain, knee painf and discomfort. There are over thirty years of research and development behind Vionic’s Orthaheel Technology. Our biomechanical footbed helps support you from the ground up so your feet experience comfort and support with every step and your body maintains proper alignment from your feet up through your ankle and knees.
  • A deep heel cup to promote stability. Did you know one of the main factors in your stability is how well supported your feet are? One of the keys to fostering stability with every step is having a deep heel cup that helps support this integral structural element of your feet. Vionic’s supportive shoes do just that so that you have the stability you deserve in every step of every mile.
  • A firm, yet flexible, midsole to help optimize your balance. We know that wearing unsupportive shoes can take a toll on your balance because balance begins in your feet. When your feet aren’t properly supported, you can feel much more wobbly and uncertain when you walk as your feet attempt to overexert themselves to create balance without proper. This is a problem that demanded a solution, which is why we integrated a firm, yet, flexible, midsole into our Vionic footwear to help optimize your balance.
  • Substantial arch support that hugs your natural arch. We know the arch of your foot plays a vital role in your foot health, which is why we paid special attention to this structural element of the foot. Did you know the arch of your feet bears two hundred thousand to three hundred thousand pounds of pressure with every mile you walk? The arch of your feet is essential for helping to absorb the shock that is exerted on your feet with every step you take, navigate the transitions between different surfaces, and maintain stability and balance. When your arch is not properly supported, it can have dire consequences and result in painful foot conditions like plantar fasciitis. We want to help make sure you never have to suffer the foot pain that comes from an unsupported arch, which is why our orthotics have substantial arch support that contours to your natural footprint, serving a similar service as custom orthotics.

Now that you know what the Vionic difference is, we want to walk you through some of the styles of the men’s orthopedic shoes that are available to meet your needs.


Style Made Simple

When you think of orthotic shoes, the first thing that comes to your mind probably isn’t style. If you feel like the fashion industry doesn’t consider comfort and the foot health industry doesn’t consider fashion, you’re not alone. We know it can be a challenge to find orthopedic shoes that fit seamlessly into your existing style and have the built-in support your feet need. That’s why we’ve created comfortable, stylish shoes and footwear with our orthotic technology built-in to every pair in all of your favorite styles. At Vionic, we want you to be able to stand for long periods of time and go about your day without having to suffer from plantar fasciitis or heel pain. Our supportive shoes will provide your feet with excellent heel support, a padded orthotic insole, and the perfect fit in each step you take. Below is a breakdown of a handful of the styles of orthopedic shoes for men that Vionic offers.

  • Active Sneakers: Are you a man on the go who wants a pair of breathable athletic shoes that can keep up without detracting from your style? Look no further than our active sneakers that are designed to optimize balance, stability, and comfort for all of your activities.
  • Casual Sneakers: Athleisure is one of the most popular styles in demand right now and we’ve got casual sneakers to fulfill all of your athleisure needs. Our casual sneakers have modern, clean lines in classic colors so that they will compliment your style everywhere you go.
  • Casual Shoes: If you’re looking for casual done right, our comfortable men’s casual shoes feature relaxed styles with good arch support. With styles ranging from chukka boots to slip on loafers and everything in between, we’ll make sure you’re ready to take on the weekend.
  • Dress Shoes: Ever heard of comfortable dress shoes for men? Now you have! Our comfortable men’s orthopedic dress shoes come in work-ready styles and are crafted with premium materials with our biomechanically support inside to make sure you can take on the day in style.
  • Sandals: Our comfortable men’s sandals offer classic styling with enduring support. Vionic’s men’s sandals have our biomechanically designed footbed and come in a variety of styles so you’re always prepared, and have some of the best shoes for beach walking.
  • Flip Flops: Walk around your favorite beach town or run errands in our men’s flip flops made with biomechanical technology that keeps you comfortable no matter where you’re going. They are easy to throw into your suitcase if you’re going on vacation and they’re even easier to put on when you’re on the go.
  • Boots: With your comfortable men’s boots, you’ll be ready to take on the wilderness or the board room. Our men’s boots are rugged yet refined and feature our science-backed orthotic technology to support your feet no matter where they are taking you.
  • Slippers: Many people don’t consider the importance of having house shoes with built-in support, luckily we’ve designed men’s slippers to protect and support your feet at home. With our superior slippers, you can slide into comfort that protects your feet from the hard, flat floors in your home.

Now that you’re an expert on styles of orthopedic shoes for men, we want to introduce you to some of our top picks for the best orthopedic shoes for men.

The Best Orthopedic Shoes for Men: Our Top Picks

When it comes to orthopedic men’s shoes, there are so many options that it makes choosing the best tough. We rounded up a few of our favorites for every occasion below.

Jasper Slip On Sneaker

Our Jasper slip on sneaker boasts a stylish, sporty look. This athleisure sneaker is slip on and features crossover straps for easy on and off. Whether you need something comfortable for work or for a walk around the neighborhood, our Jasper Slip On Speaker is versatile and will have you walking on cloud nine.

Brody Leather Sneaker

Our Brody slip on sneaker is the perfect orthopedic shoe for a guy on the go. Designed for the modern man, this casual sneaker is classically tailored with soft leather uppers and twin gore panels that help increase your comfort and flexibility. With our Orthaheel technology built-in, you’ll get a comfortable shoe, relief and stability that will help promote your natural alignment.

Shane Lace Up

Get ready to suit up with our Shane lace up shoe. This classic shoe is a work-ready essential that features exposed detailed stitching and a soft leather upper that adds both comfort and style.

Elijah Toe Post Sandal

Looking for a classic sandal to add to your wardrobe? The Elijah toe post sandal is the quintessential leather flip flop you’ve been searching for. With crossover flip flop straps and a stylish leather-wrapped footbed, you’ll be ready to walk wherever your feet take you in these classic, sleek sandals.

Jason High Top Boot

Are you in search of a boot you can wear on any occasion? Our Jason High Top Boot was designed with both style and functionality in mind. Extremely lightweight and weatherproof, this casual work boot is great for everyday wear.

Adler Slipper

If you need something to keep your feet cozy while you lounge at home or run a quick errand, look no further than the Adler Slipper. This weather-resistant slipper comes with faux shearling lining to keep you comfy at home and a durable rubber outsole so you can stay on the go.


With our orthopedic leisure and various types of dress shoes, there’s a style that will suit everyone. Whether you are looking for work out shoes for plantar fasciitis or simply the best men’s shoes for working out, we are sure to have the solution! Our mission is to create orthopedic footwear that elevates your wardrobe and hugs your arch like a natural footprint to give you unparalleled comfort. Made with high-quality materials and pioneering biomechanic technology embedded, you can feel the Vionic difference with every step you take.

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