Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

We’ve all heard the song “The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone. The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone…” And it’s true! The study of biomechanics has proven that everything is interconnected, and when there’s a misalignment in one part of the body, it can travel up your body and affect other areas. What causes this misalignment? Prolonged periods of standing or walking on hard concrete can cause the foot to over-pronate, resulting in the ankle rolling inwards and the arch collapsing. That’s why it’s so important to wear the best shoes for walking on concrete when you’re constantly traveling on hard surfaces.

Vionic loafer with arch support

Vionic Medical Director Terry Mitchell explains what happens to your body when standing or walking on hard surfaces: “Wearing unsupportive shoes can cause pronation, where your feet roll inward too much. This causes an internal rotation of your lower legs, flexing of your knees and forward tilting of your hips. This, in turn, can lead to increased low-back joint compression and curvature of your spine.”

Vionic with Orthaheel supports natural alignment

Two important features to look for in the best shoes for standing on concrete all day are arch support – to help align your feet – and soft cushioning, especially in the heel, for shock absorption. The Vio-Motion™ Support in Vionic’s mens and women’s shoes was developed specifically to address this problem of walking and standing on flat surfaces by helping to restore the foot’s natural arch and align the body from the ground up. Here are our picks for the best shoes for standing on hard concrete all day:

Classic cupsole sneakers with arch support

Casual Cupsole Sneakers
We’ve added our unparalleled arch support to the classic cupsole sneaker in the Midi low-top and the Torri high-top, perfect for weekend wear.


Vionic Satima Walking Shoes for Women

Satima Active Sneaker
A sturdy EVA midsole adds essential stability to our women’s walking shoes, while the flexible, cushioned outsole makes standing and walking on concrete a breeze.

Carmela Flat
Traditional flats are typically a no-no when standing on hard surfaces. But our flats and loafers are fitted with a firm, yet flexible, EVA orthotic insert that’s designed to hug your arches, like this comfortable suede flat.

Serena Bootie
Perfect for transitioning from summer to fall, our women’s boots with arch support have as much style as they do comfort. Our Elevated Support technology features a deep heel cup and enhanced forefoot contour to support your soles all day at just the right heel height.

Stylish, supportive footwear is our top priority. At Vionic, we believe in providing a good shoe that’s stylish, durable, and comfortable for all. So if you have plantar fasciitis or you have to be on your feet all day at work, there’s a shoe fit for you. Whether it’s men’s dress shoes or walking shoes for women, you’ll find that our men’s and women’s shoes have arch support and a cushioned insole for shock absorption and ultimate comfort. Long gone are the days of sore feet. With Vionic’s stylish and comfortable footwear, you’ll have a good shoe with a style that’s on-trend.

Download our free standing guide for stretches, exercises and expert tips for people who stand all day. Also, check out our recommendations for the best shoes for standing all day.


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  1. Vionic as a brand has been providing us with great shoes for a while now. So happy to see that you also have the best shoes for walking on concrete as well. With the Vio-Motion™ Support and the Eva Orthotic i’m surely sold on these products. Brilliant way to help people who need it the most. Great job and the perfect article. Keep helping the people who need it the most….Good work.

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