Travel Shoes for Every Vacation

After all of your year’s hard work, it’s time to reward yourself with a vacation. You’ve planned your itinerary, booked your flights, packed your bags, even learned how to pack shoes in a suitcase, and left nothing to chance—including your choice of vacation shoes.

The best travel shoes provide comfort and style, whether you’re exploring the backwoods of your hometown, taking in a Broadway show, or spending the day sightseeing. If you’re wondering what to wear on vacation, we’re here for you! We’re sharing our picks of comfortable travel shoe options to keep your feet supported throughout your travels.

Hitting the Beach

If sand and surf are your thing, you’ll probably spend most of your beach vacation wearing beach sandals or flip flops. Both styles of footwear can be quickly kicked off for a refreshing dip in the ocean. Whether you’re looking for men’s flip flops or women’s flip flops, be sure to look for walking sandals that provide adequate support for your feet while you’re walking on soft, sandy beaches.

For your beach vacation, step into style and comfort with the Bella Toe Post Sandal, featuring soft, cushioned insoles and an elegant design, or opt for the Modesto Flatform Lug Sandal, which offers both a perfect fit and extra traction with its rugged lug sole – a perfect choice for any sandy adventure. At Vionic, we are dedicated to making women’s comfortable sandals that are supportive on your feet no matter where your adventure takes you. Prevent foot pain and slip into comfort with our selection of women’s slide sandals, perfect for the woman on-the-go.

Camping and Hiking

The right vacation shoes are especially important if you spend your leisure time in the wilderness. A solid, sturdy pair of sneakers can keep your feet comfortable and protected from the elements during hiking and camping trips.

For a classic choice, the Walker Classic Sneaker combines a water-resistant leather upper with a flexible outsole and extra cushioning, making it an ideal travel shoe for those planning on spending their day on the move in the great outdoors. If you’re looking for something a little more casual and trendy, consider the Nimble Sneaker, which offers a perfect blend of style and comfort, making it an excellent choice for outdoor adventures. Slip into the Nimble Sneaker for a fashion-forward option that’s equally at home on the trails or around the campfire.


Now Boarding…

If jet-setting is more your style, the right travel shoes can provide first-class foot and arch support as you stand in security lines (or run to catch that last-minute connection to your destination).

For a jetsetter’s dream, consider our Uptown Sneaker – a perfect blend of style and functionality. The Uptown Sneaker boasts a breathable upper with twin gore panels, allowing flexibility that comes in handy, especially if your feet tend to swell during long flights. These sneakers are designed to keep you comfortable and stylish as you navigate the airport and embark on your travel adventures.

If you prefer a more versatile yet sporty-chic option, our Karmelle Sneaker is the answer. With a modern design and cushioned insoles, these sneakers offer both comfort and fashion-forward athleisure, making them an excellent choice for travelers who want to look and feel great during their journeys. Both the Uptown Sneaker and Karmelle Sneaker are your ideal companions for stress-free, stylish travel.

Road Trip!

The summer road trip is an American tradition, with millions of vacationers hitting the highways every year. For those long interstate rides, we recommend a lightweight shoe designed to keep your feet cool and relaxed.

As you embark on your road trip adventure, consider the Kimmie Sneaker. Its breathable design ensures your feet stay comfortable throughout the journey. What sets the Kimmie Sneaker apart is its innovative sole. This sneaker features a lightweight and flexible sole that provides excellent support during those long hours behind the wheel or exploring new destinations.

Alternatively, for a combination of style and breathability, check out the Kimmie Perf Sneaker. Crafted with perforated detailing, it offers extra ventilation to keep your feet fresh. The Kimmie Perf Sneaker also features a similar innovative sole that combines lightweight comfort and support, making it an excellent choice for your road trip needs.

Dining and Dancing

If you favor exploring a bustling city’s culture, restaurants, and nightlife, you’ll want a comfortable travel shoe that will make an impression while still allowing you to spend all day (and night) on the go.

Step out in style and comfort with our Jamie Flatform Lug Sandal. These sandals provide the perfect balance of fashion and functionality. Crafted with a rugged lug sole, they offer exceptional traction while exploring city streets. These sandals are ideal for long days filled with urban adventures and evenings filled with dining and dancing.

For a more classic and versatile option, consider the Willa Slip on Flat. These flats offer a seamless silhouette and unparalleled comfort all in one package. With a flat style loafer design featuring a supportive sole, they are perfect for strolling through art galleries, savoring exquisite meals, and even dancing the night away.

Traveling in Comfort with Vionic

If you plan on being on your feet all day while you are on vacation, consider packing a pair of women’s slippers with arch support from Vionic so that you can give your feet a well-deserved rest at night. We are known for our commitment to both style and comfort, making the perfect choice for travelers who refuse to compromise on either. With a range of supportive and stylish footwear options, we ensure that your feet stay happy throughout your journey, from exploring bustling cities to relaxing on the beach. When it comes to enjoying your vacation to the fullest, every step matters, and Vionic has you covered.

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    Just looking for a cute sandal with a little bling to wear to Mexico in October for my hrs daughters wedding

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