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Maybe you’re planning on attending a popular music festival this year, or you’re whisking off to a semi-formal wine and cheese event. No matter what type of festival catches your eye, you’ll enjoy your day more if you choose the right clothes and comfortable festival shoes to keep you moving and grooving.

Festival Outfits

Festivals offer a chance to play with your wardrobe and your image. With crowds of people, it’s your time to stand out by trading in your usual go-to pieces for something bolder or more playful!

When choosing your outfit, venue is an important consideration. An outdoor event in a large and potentially muddy field isn’t the place for your most fashionable heels, which are more suited for indoor events. The weather is also factor. Will your festival wear need to keep you cool? Will you have to deal with rain and mud puddles? Comfort and practicality are key.


Choosing a Comfortable Festival Shoe

No matter what type of festival you’re into, you’re going to spend plenty of time on your feet: moving from stage to stage, dancing, and standing in line for food, drinks, and other essentials. You’ll need a comfortable festival shoe that provides your feet with support.

Choose your festival shoes well in advance, as a festival is not the time to break in a new set of shoes. Give your feet time to adjust to your new pair by wearing them a few times before, so they are ready to wear for a fun-filled day.


Comfortable Festival Shoes for Men and Women

To help you choose a stylish and comfortable festival shoe, consider the following recommendations of the most comfortable shoes when attending festivals. Whether you’re looking for women’s casual sneakers, or men’s boat shoes, we’ve gathered a list of favorites.

Festival Shoes for Women

  • Espadrilles are an excellent choice for semi-formal wine and art festivals, combining comfort with moderately high heels and playful laces. These festival shoes look stunning with a breezy summer dress.
  • Casual Lace-Ups are some of the most comfortable shoes for women available, and they work well in any casual environment where you’re going to be on your feet for long periods, such as a music or food festival.
  • Comfortable sandals such as toe post sandals are casual enough to wear to the beach, yet their sophisticated upper leather strap makes them classy enough for an evening wine tasting. However, this type of sandal may not be ideal for festivals where dust or dancing is involved!
  • Ankle Booties in leather or suede are comfortable festival shoes studying enough for open-field concerts but classy enough for an elegant night at a high-end art festival.
  • Active Sneakers combine comfort, style, and functionality for events where you need the most support. If you’ll be standing, walking, or dancing for extended periods of time, this is the style for you.

Festival Shoes for Men

  • The Oxford is a classic shoe, idea for an evening’s wine-tasting or food festival where smart formal wear is expected.
  • Boat Shoes bridge the gap between formal and casual wear, providing comfort and support in a range of indoor and outdoor venues.
  • Men’s Sandals offer support and comfort for casual festivals, whether you’re at the beach, the park, or a craft fair.
  • Casual Lace-Up Sneakers are relaxed enough for folk festivals but classy enough for a fine cuisine event. The supple leather and minimalist stitching makes these sneakers a comfortable festival shoe for me.


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