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Most people might view a long commute to work as a dose of boredom and discomfort, but there is light at the end of tunnel! With these simple commuting tips, you too can get to and from work with less stress and add some enjoyment to the journey.

Own It!

Remind yourself of the benefits you gain from your commute. Whether you’re saving money commuting in a carpool or getting a chance to take in city sights, focus on the rewards.

Equally important, remember you choose how to commute and can change that choice. If your long commute to work causes you undue traffic stress, can you find a slightly longer but less busy route? Would you prefer to drive yourself, carpool, take the train or bike? Knowing you have options puts you in control of the situation which is empowering.


Bring the Entertainment

One of the biggest pitfalls of commuting is potential boredom. To help prevent this, fill that time with something you enjoy. If you’re driving, you can make hands-free phone calls, listen to audiobooks, or catch up on your favorite podcasts. If you carpool or take the train, you can read, play smartphone games, or talk to other passengers. Instead of seeing commuting time as an inevitable interruption in your day, see it as a time where you get a break from your daily responsibilities.


Commuting Footwear

Who says professional shoes for work can’t be comfortable? Vionic offers styles designed with support technology already built inside, so you won’t need to bring a pair of commuter shoes to switch into. Whether you want a contemporary meets classic shoe like our Presley Mule or professional staple like our Bruno Oxford, you’ll find comfort with every step of your day.


Be One With Your Thoughts, Positively!

A long commute gives ample time to focus on your own thoughts, including worries and stress. Practicing cognizance can help steer these into a more positive direction. Let negative thoughts rise up, acknowledge them, and let them slide away. It’s a relaxation technique that works equally well whether you’re driving, cycling, or sitting on a train.



No matter your line of work, everyone can agree that time for vacation is essential! Check out what Vionic recommends for travel shoes here.

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