Discover the Secret in Fort Worth w/ InStyle + Dillard’s | Vionic Shoes

We loved visiting Fort Worth! We made our final stop of our #DiscoverTheSecret event tour with fashion expert Kathryn Dunn and InStyle editor Alexis Bennett at Dillard’s in Hulen Mall in Fort Worth, Texas. Guests enjoyed braid and makeup bars, giveaways and more as the fashion experts discussed their favorite style trends and shoes for spring and summer. Scroll through to see some of our favorite moments of the day.


Showing off some of our newest styles from our Spring/Summer Sandal Collection.


Event-goers enjoy some facial treatment by make up experts.


The talented artists from The Paper Bar Co. created 60-second portraits for guests.


InStyle editor Alexis Bennett and style expert Kathryn Dunn take the stage to talk all things fashion.


Alexis Bennett discusses sneaker trends and why our Hattie Sneaker is a must-have for the season.


A special thank you to our shoe models, hosts and everyone else who worked to make this event a success!

Want to be in the know with Vionic? Learn more and discover the secret of our shoes here.

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    I recently ordered 3 pairs of VIONIC sandals. I am a shoe aficionado and have a multitude of shoes and boots. My shoes range from very flat to a few 4-inch heels. However, I have recently been diagnosed with a serious tendon problem to the point of having to wear an ankle brace and have been fitted for a permanent brace. My ankle/foot specialist said if I continue to wear those types of footwear, I will be in serious trouble. I chose VIONIC sandals because they are very stylish but most of all they have an arch support which is very important to me now being I have the tendon problem. I hope in the near future VIONIC will make some stylish heels (maybe not 4 inches) but at least 3 inches with the same arch support. Thank you.

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