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Amazing women are all around us. At Vionic, we’re fortunate enough to have many of those women working in all aspects of the company, with a great amount in leadership roles. As part of our ever-growing appreciation, we want to celebrate the women who make Vionic what it is by highlighting their stories, achievements and more with our Women of Vionic blog series.

Marisa Byrne is the Director of Product and Materials at Vionic. Embracing each day with curiosity and zeal, she isn’t afraid of trekking into new territory and seizing opportunities to grow. She sets a powerful example as a leader, a mother and more, making her our Women of Vionic spotlight of the week!


How long have you been with Vionic?

I’ve been with Vionic for a little under a year! It has completely flown by.


What’s your role at Vionic and what does that entail?

I’m the Director of Product and Materials. I oversee the entire lifecycle of all product, from concept until it’s in the stores. I also source and select all materials for both our men’s and women’s product. I have a very fun job and work with an incredible team!


Why did you choose to work at Vionic?

I was drawn to Vionic because of the company culture, and I love the idea of making footwear that looks and feels great. The fact that our footwear actually helps people is an incredible bonus, and everyone on our team feels uplifted when we read reviews about how our footwear made someone’s life easier.


How does Vionic empower women?

Empowered women have a confidence in the way that they feel on the inside and the way that they project themselves on the outside. Vionic gives women beautiful footwear that doesn’t make them sacrifice their comfort, giving them the feeling and the look that they want. Feeling your best is empowering! The company itself also has a great balance of women in leadership which makes it empowering to work here as a woman! We all support one another and champion one another across the various departments, and its very refreshing.


Where do you see the future of Vionic heading?


Vionic’s future makes me VERY excited because we have so much potential for growth in several areas. No one really occupies the space we are in where orthotics are actually built into fashionable footwear! Our women’s casual and fashion business continues to grow while our men’s business is starting to take off (and it is just as fabulous as our Women’s shoes). Our fall collections that are coming out are amazing! Everyone that works and touches the product is very passionate about their job, and it’s evident by looking at the beautiful shoes. Each season we get more and more pumped because as we continue to grow, as do all of our opportunities!


What advice do you have for young women starting in the workforce?

Always speak up, and if you can, find a mentor. I am incredibly lucky to have a strong woman mentor that is always there for me when I need advice and to coach me professionally. Footwear tends to be a male-dominated field so having a mentor that has navigated these waters prior has been very helpful. I also think getting as much experience as you can is very pertinent, even if it’s something that you don’t feel is on your “path.” One thing I have learned is that paths change and can lead you to wonderful, unexpected places if you continue to always be curious and welcome new experiences.


Do you have a favorite Vionic style?

I love our Reagan Mule because it’s so easy to wear, it can be dressed up or down and a stylish mule can be worked into almost any wardrobe. I also LOVE the weather-resistant boots we have coming out this fall. They’re chic and very functional for this temperamental weather we are having. Also, stay tuned for some fabulous heels coming out soon…


What’s your secret to feeling your best self?

SLEEP! Just kidding…with two kids under 4, I don’t get a whole lot of sleep, but I do dream of it! I have to say laughter and exercise is what makes me feel my best. No matter what conflict arises, it’s important to remember to laugh and not take yourself too seriously. Exercise is my form of meditation or therapy. I’m also at my best when I’m around my family. Not to sound too cheesy, but my job as a mom is my number one priority, and I’m lucky to be married to a man that not only supports me, but has a wicked sense of humor too!


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