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Our Walkabout has officially come to a close and our Ambassadors have had a solid month of walking daily in their walking shoes. While a few received our Balance and Orthaheel walking shoes, the majority tested our newest walking shoes that we lovingly named the Rhythm walkers.

With everyone wearing the Rhythm, it got me thinking…

Why did our product development team name the shoe “Rhythm” anyway?

Our designers, David and Erin, discussed their inspiration with me.
I distracted David from reviewing patterns for long enough to get a sense of what they were after. He explained, “when creating a new shoe for our Weil Integrative Footwear line, we always stand by the integrative philosophy of mind, body and spirit. There should be a feel of balance in our shoes. We envisioned our new walking shoe helping people to find a rhythm in their walking routine… a means to move through life in a more healthy manner.”

As she poured over color swatches, Erin added, “Rhythm promotes natural movement. The word just felt very descriptive of what we wanted to acheive with the new walking shoe.”

How does this all translate to the actual feel of the shoe? One of our Ambassadors, Maureen F., gave this review:

“They felt so light and I couldn’t imagine they would offer the kind of support my ankles needed. No fear – they have wound up being the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. The shoes molds to my foot perfectly and does not rub at all. The sole somehow provides perfect support and has allowed me to log five plus miles a day without a single blister or other complaint.

The biggest compliment I can give these shoes is to share that I am purchasing another pair in a different color so that I can wear them with every outfit! Worth every penny.”

We hope this has given you some insight into the world of our newest walking shoe. Now, isn’t it about time you found your Rhythm?

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  1. Wish they had been big enough for me, maybe they will be made in more sizes in the future. 🙂

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