National Parks Week

It’s National Parks Week now through April 29th which means FREE entrance into our most beautiful and preserved areas of the United States!

Our Marketing Project Manager, Anneliese, Just came back from a wonderful trip to Death Valley National Park.

This is Anneliese enjoying the wide open space!

When she got back, she had lots of photos to share and quite a bit of insight about the National Park. “It is a breathtaking landscape of extremes and millions of years in geological history on display in every canyon and basin within the park. We walked for miles and found camping in the wild to be the very best way to enjoy the natural beauty of this majestic place.”

Anneliese’s husband, Brett, helped set up camp. Brett is an archeologist, so this adventure fit them perfectly!

“This land was formed by such powerful forces of nature, it’s truly an experience of a lifetime.”

We asked if she would go again. After she joked about the wind and unseasonal cold, she gave us her real answer. She told us, “I would absolutely return. There’s just so much to see. And, it really gave me a true sense of time with regard to the span of the Earth’s great history. I felt so small, but so moved!”

With the weekend coming up, let us know which national park you’re planning to visit! You can find a list of participating parks with FREE entrance fees here.

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