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Vionic employee takes an action packed trip through Israel wearing arch support shoes


Our rockstar Customer Care Consultant, Allison, recently got away from her desk for an action-packed trip through Israel! She came back with a tan, lots of perspective and happy feet!


A few tales from her extensive journey:

My first full day in Israel began with a hike around the crater known as Mitzpe Ramon located in the Negev Desert in the middle of the country.  The high on this day was around 43 degrees Celsius, which translates into 110 degrees Farenheit.  Needless to say it was HOTTTT!!!!  My Rhythm walkers kept me supported on the rocky terrain and the breathable mesh upper helped keep my feet nice and dry in the hot, hot desert heat.

Vionic's Rhythm walking shoes give support and stability to get feet through the roughest terrain

After traveling to the furthest most southern city in Israel, the city of Eilat, where you can see Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt while standing in Israel, we began our way back towards the northern part of the country.  On day 6 we drove to the Mount Bental Overlook, which is located north, in the agricultural center of the country known as the Golan Heights.  About four days after arriving back in the US, we saw televised pictures from this exact location showing Syrian mortars, from the Syrian civil war, that had struck the Golan Heights.

Vionic's Rhythm walking shoes keep feet happy with arch support and breathability

Day 8 was going to be a heavy day, starting with a guided tour of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.  Fortunately we were able to make a stop atop the lookout at the Museum before entering in order to gather our thoughts, and some Kleenex.  After many days of traveling through hot dry desert, lush natural springs, the lowest point on earth, and plentiful agricultural lands, my Rhythm’s may have been looking a bit dirty, but my feet were undeniably happy.

Vionic's Rhythm walking shoes keep feet supported and dry, even after treading through a hot desert


So the question we pose is this: how far have your Rhythm walking shoes taken you?

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