Support your team and your feet on game day!

Vionic Shoes has employees that are enthusiastic LSU college football fans

Football season has arrived! Out here just north of San Francisco, we’ve got plenty of Niners fans, but that is certainly not all. We’ve got Broncos fans and Green Bay fans, Raiders fans and Falcons fans… and colleagues cheering for every team in the NFL.

We should mention that college ball is huge at the office as well. Somehow, in the Marketing department alone, we’ve got two SEC loyalists, having graduated from LSU and UGA. Our Creative Services Manager, a most enthusiastic LSU fan, is excited to get her feet into our new Tahoe lace-up shoe. Why? Well, it comes in a yellow and purple combo, of course.

Vionic Shoes have new arrivals featuring pops of color making it easy to wear team colors

This year, it’s been incredibly easy to get our feet into team colors. Have you checked out our new arrivals for Fall? Pops of color are everywhere – from orange and red to blue and purple. Keep those feet supported while you’re on your feet cheering for your favorites!

What team are you supporting this fall – and what are your go-to game day shoes?

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