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Kris Nations is the collaborative work of art between two sisters – Kim and Kris. As sisters, Kim and Kris share the same unique, free-spirited sense of style. So, when the two created a partnership and began producing an original line of eclectic jewelry, it was no surprise that they also shared the same, familiar source of inspiration – their mom.


The sisters cite their mom as the single most important role model in their lives, and her influence is evident in everything from their jewelry designs to their business model.


It’s someone much like their mom who Kim and Kris envision as the wearer of the jewelry they make- a graceful, worldly, confident woman, with true personal style that transcends time and trends.



Describe your company in a few words.  What style need does it fill? 

We wanted to create jewelry that has meaning for the wearer and also has an attainable price point with quality materials. We have the look of fine without the huge price point. We believe that jewelry should be fun, and still be of high quality


Describe your personal ‘go to’ style.  

I tend to keep my clothing pretty simple – a t-shirt and jeans – because I’m usually product testing jewelry and have an eclectic mix. I like to keep things fresh with my jewelry.


As a female founded business, how do you interpret the Vionic Secret: ‘Style. It doesn’t have to hurt’

It instantly puts me in a really bad mood when my feet hurt – I think you can still feel good about your look without having to hurt. I think it’s freeing to feel comfortable.


What’s empowering about a confident woman?

When I see a woman pulling off confidence and kindness, it’s an inspiring combination.


What’s your secret to feeling your best?

Taking some time to myself to either read a book, go on a walk, put on a face mask or take extra time in a hot shower– any time I can have moments to myself is good for everyone.

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