Make it work!

In a recent casual conversation with one of our biomechanics experts, we ended up on the topic of standing/walking at a desk during one’s workday vs. sitting in a chair at a desk.

A few of our colleagues enjoy a standing workspace, but none of us had heard of walking at our desk during work hours. Turns out this is a fairly new trend, but a few studies have concluded that there’s a certainly benefit involved.Firm offers treadmill desks for employees and encourages an active workplace environment.

Read this summary of the finding from the British Journal of Medicine.

Have you ever seen a workspace set-up like this? As the related NPR article states, “employees at Salo, a Minneapolis-based financial consulting firm, walk while working on treadmill desks. The firm offers treadmill desks for employee use and encourages an active workplace environment.”


Vionic Shoes employee adjusts to a standing workspace by wearing comfortable arch support wedges

This sounds like an interesting experiment in health (and potentially in safety). We’re going to give it a shot. Our Creative Writer & PR Coordinator, Jen, is starting by adjusting to a standing workspace. We’ll see how that goes first. Good thing she’s sporting supportive wedges since she’s going to be on her feet more!

What methods have you used to stay fit while working full-time? We want to know!


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