Meet our Ambassadors

As promised, here is our growing list of Ambassadors. There’s more to come!

In alphabetical order, including age and city:

Niki B., 26, Covina, CA
Harriet B., 68, Rome, NY
Janis B.E., 55, Los Angeles, CA
Carol C., 41, South Orange, NJ
Kate C., 36, Columbia, MO
Laurie C., 40, Aurora, CO
Laurie C., 53, Vancouver, WA
Stephanie D., 28, Houston, TX
Maegan E., 36, Vista, CA
Suzanne G., 72, La Mesa, CA
Jodi G., 38, Natick, MA
Tara H., 34, Las Vegas, NV
Faye H., 57, Zuni, VA
Jennifer K., 31, Ladera Ranch, CA
Angie K., 32, Chesterfield, VA
Kristen L., 54, Pittsburgh, PA
Melinda L., 53, Atascadero, CA
Severin M., 65, Mountain View, CA
Carol M., 58, Centerville, GA
Monica O., 36, Troy, MI
Sara P., 30, Baytown, TX
Ana P., 39, Palo Alto, CA
Megan R., 49, Austin, TX
Karen S., 46, Richmond, VA
Colleen S., 38, Wellington, FL
Dawn S.O., 49, Omaha, NE
Kimberly S., 36, Astoria, SD
Mandee S., 31, Maria Stein, OH
Pam W., 50, Jupiter, FL
Judy W., 53, Goshen, IN
Roberta W., 64, Sarasota, FL

Check back again soon. We’ll be rounding out our list and highlighting a few of our newest walking enthusiasts!

3 Responses to “ Meet our Ambassadors ”

  1. Absolutely love your shoes. I have 4 pair and just ordered 2 more. Please create a mule style tennis shoe for woman.

  2. I had a dream that customers could custom design their own shoe using an app online. That would be sweet! It was rainy and chilly here in Astoria, SD today. We put on our gear and headed for our 3 mile walk—there isn’t even a thought about it anymore, it’s auto pilot! The dogs had me going into high grass finding their orange balls I’d thrown them along the way. It is the perfect therapy walking with my boys, come rain or shine.

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