Virtual Tea and Ambassador Update!

Let’s catch up, because a lot has happened for us in the last week.

In case you missed it, you can now replay the Virtual Tea. It was quite interesting and we’re happy to share it with you. Grab some tea, get cozy and learn a little something about feet!

Also, just in time for the Walkabout kick-off on Tuesday in NYC, we have an updated Ambassador list below. Needless to say, we’ve had our work cut out for us, getting everyone fitted in a new pair of walking shoes.

Testimonials are already pouring in. Our Ambassador, Suzanne G., writes, “Just to let you know this experience is creating lots of happiness and new friends and really making us all Ambassadors!  By the way, the shoes are very, very comfortable, light and well constructed.  I also have a pair of wave sandals which I purchased especially because of very high arches and heel spurs and I love these shoes too.  Just what I needed. Thank you again!  Namaste!”

Our updated list of Ambassadors:

Niki B., 26, Covina, CA
Harriet B., 68, Rome, NY
Janis B.E., 55, Los Angeles, CA
Candice B., Brooklyn, NY
Carol C., 41, South Orange, NJ
Maria C., Mount Kisco, NY
Kate C., 36, Columbia, MO
Laurie C., 40, Aurora, CO
Laurie C., 53, Vancouver, WA
Stephanie D., 28, Houston, TX
Lynn D., 39, Evergreen, CO
Maegan E., 36, Vista, CA
Maureen F., 40, Germantown, PA
Suzanne G., 72, La Mesa, CA
Jodi G., 38, Natick, MA
Barbara H., 54, Carrollton, VA
Amanda H., 29, Campbellsburg, KY
Tara H., 34, Las Vegas, NV
Faye H., 57, Zuni, VA
Jennifer K., 31, Ladera Ranch, CA
Angie K., 32, Chesterfield, VA
Kristen L., 54, Pittsburgh, PA
Melinda L., 53, Atascadero, CA
Severin M., 65, Mountain View, CA
Carol M., 58, Centerville, GA
Irene M., 64, Henrietta, NY
Monica O., 36, Troy, MI
Jessica O., Ann Arbor, MI
Sara P., 30, Baytown, TX
Ana P., 39, Palo Alto, CA
Megan R., 49, Austin, TX
Sarah R., 42, Gorham, ME
Karen S., 46, Richmond, VA
Colleen S., 38, Wellington, FL
Dawn S.O., 49, Omaha, NE
Scott S., Richmond, VA
Naomi S., Wichita, KS
Kimberly S., 36, Astoria, SD
Mandee S., 31, Maria Stein, OH
Pam W., 50, Jupiter, FL
Judy W., 53, Goshen, IN
Roberta W., 64, Sarasota, FL

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