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“All of which is to say: yes, this Vionic Shoes review definitely thinks the brand is worth it.”

Vionic Shoes was recently reviewed by Honest Brand Reviews, the go-to place where consumers can discover emerging brands, read in-depth product reviews, and shop bestselling products.


Here is what they had to say: 

The Honest Brand Review of Vionic Shoes went into depth on our different shoe categories and whether they make good on the benefits that we attribute to them. Here are a few stand out quotes:

“With its science-backed orthotic technology and certifications from reputable medical bodies, it’s clear that Vionic delivers on its promise to provide shoes, sandals, and more that can help alleviate foot-related ailments.”

“While the insole of regular shoes may have a degree of arch support built in, Vionic Vio-Motion™ footbed technology reinforces that support by providing “Three-Zone Comfort with Ultimate Arch Support” which also takes the heel and ball of the foot into account. By shoring up all these podiatric pressure points, Vionic shoes work to improve alignment from the ground up.”

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