Warm Slippers for Winter

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Hanging out in your humble abode is all about being comfy and cozy. Without an office dress code, inclement weather, or pressure from the outside world, you can put on whatever you please.

But no matter who you are, where you live, or what your lifestyle is, you need a good pair of comfy slippers to wear while spending time at home. If you ask us, house shoes are a year-round necessity, but if there’s one season you need them most, it’s winter.

Are you on the hunt for comfortable, snuggly, warm home slippers for winter? You’ve come to the right place. Ahead are our favorite stylish slippers for men and women for the chilly season.

7 Warm Slippers and House Shoes for the Chilly Season

Maybe you love wearing stretchy pants, joggers, lived-in tees, sweatsuits, soft PJs, fuzzy socks, a plush bathrobe, wool blankets or all of the above when spending time at home. But just because you’re not out and about doesn’t mean your feet shouldn’t be supported with proper footwear.

With this in mind, the best warm slippers for winter have sturdy rubber outsoles and built-in orthotics, like the designs from Vionic. If you think this means you’ll have to sacrifice the comfy-cozy feel, think again. We happen to know of several standout styles that check all the boxes.

There are many types of slippers but when it comes to warm indoor slippers, the best options include mules, moccasins, indoor/outdoor loafers, slipper booties, clogs, shearling-lined house shoes, and classic slip-ons. These house slippers and shoes are perfect for keeping your feet warm. Get to know each style below.

1. Mules

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First popularized in 18th-century France as leisurely indoor footwear for the upper-class, mules are a timeless house slipper style.¹ While the backless design is a go-to for many streetwear shoes, the mule slipper nods to its original purpose.

Despite being backless slippers, mules can be supremely cozy. The slip-on styles from Vionic are pleasantly lightweight yet sturdy with shock-absorbing rubber soles and shearling or terrycloth uppers. Like all Vionic shoes, you can also count on heel stability and unbeatable arch support.

2. Moccasins

Inspired by the ultra-soft leather footwear traditionally worn by Indigenous Americans,² moccasins have evolved into a go-to style for men and women alike. Vionic’s take on these warm winter house shoes boasts velvety-soft suede or textile uppers and faux-shearling or plush sheepskin lining.



3. Indoor/Outdoor Loafers

Similar to the moccasin but with a slightly more refined silhouette, the loafer house slipper is one of our all-time favorite shoes for winter. The designs from Vionic have genuine leather, suede, or textile uppers and faux-shearling lining.

Not only that, but our men’s and women’s loafer slipper designs feature durable a rubber sole suitable for outdoor use, plus built-in orthotics. They’re stylish, warm, and versatile enough to wear with street clothes—what’s not to love?

4. Slipper Booties

Then you’ve got cozy slipper booties, which go up to the ankles and feature indoor/outdoor soles. This exceptionally warm and cozy footwear style is great for lounging around the house, huddling around an outdoor firepit, checking the mail, running errands, you name it.

The outdoor-inspired slipper booties from Vionic have a shearling or faux fur lining and suede, nylon, or textile uppers. In addition to keeping your cold feet warm during the coldest time of year, the orthotic design hugs your arches and supports a natural stride from the ground up.

5. Clogs

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Clogs are another great wintertime house shoe. The closed-back style looks a lot like everyday shoes but typically has softer, more breathable uppers — perfect if you’re wondering how to find the best slippers for sweaty feet. Vionic carries clog slippers with quilted flannel uppers and toasty terrycloth linings.

They’re insulating and cozy but won’t make your feet overheat. Bungee laces or hook-and-loop closures make them not only easy to get on and off but also conveniently adjustable. Additionally, our indoor clogs are engineered with Vionic’s proprietary orthotic technology, so you can count on stability, arch support, warmth, and all-day comfort.³

6. Shearling-Lined House Shoes

When it comes to indoor footwear for the winter, you can’t go wrong with shearling-lined house shoes. The slip-on and fuzzy slipper designs from Vionic have sleeping bag-inspired puffy nylon or quilted flannel uppers and a fully enclosed fit.

They’re warm and insulating yet lightweight and breathable, the perfect balance for chilly weather. Thanks to the durable rubber indoor/outdoor soles, you can wear them out and about, around the house, or wherever the day takes you.

7. Classic Slip-Ons

When in doubt, go with a pair of classic slip-ons. With a closed-toe design that envelopes your feet, this plush slipper style is endlessly versatile and seasonless—though it’s one of our favorite wintertime staples.

The incredibly comfortable slip-on house shoes we carry at Vionic have timeless silhouettes and uppers made of fuzzy terrycloth, faux fur, or textile. On account of the open heel, you’ll also appreciate that you can take them on and off without bending over or sitting down.

And that’s not all. Vionic’s slip-on winter slippers are biomechanically engineered to hug your arches and support a natural alignment, even when you’re just hanging out at home.

At-Home Arch Support

The team at Vionic believes your feet should be comfortable and supported no matter what you’re doing or where you are. Whether you’re working remotely, holding a Zoom meeting, cooking dinner, cleaning up the house, lounging around, or enjoying a morning cup of tea, proper footwear is essential.

With this in mind, we design all our cozy slippers and house shoes with the same orthotic engineering as our active sneakers and sandals. This means every pair has contoured footbeds with built-in arch support, a deep heel cup, and whole-foot stability.

Comfy, Supportive Slippers and House Shoes from Vionic

The men’s and women’s slippers from Vionic come in a range of styles, including clogs, mules, loafers, moccasins, booties, and classic slip-ons. Not only are they comfy and stylish, but our designs can also help alleviate some of the most common foot ailments, like plantar fasciitis (heel pain), Morton’s neuroma, Achilles tendonitis, and alignment issues.

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