Soul To Sole: What’s In My Gym Bag

written by Juliet Kaska, celebrity trainer, health and wellness expert and Vionic Innovation Lab member


Take a look into Juliet Kaska’s fitness essentials and see why she always has these key items readily available.


Vionic Sneakers

I am almost always in a pair of Vionic sneakers! These days I am living, loving and working out in the Adore Active Sneaker.  They are lightweight enough that I can really activate my foot, and strong enough to give me ample support and cushion. I also love that fashion-wise they transition nicely from gym attire to jeans after my workout.


Pinky Ball

The pinky ball is my magic “pill” to work out the tight spots before and after my workouts. I also take it with me whenever I travel, anywhere! Amazing to roll out tensions in all parts of the body. I love it most of all for my hips, shoulders and feet.


Exercise Bands & Discs

I travel with my fitness equipment. Some days the “gym” is outdoors. If I’m lucky, a window opens in my schedule and I go to the beach or the park to get the workout in. I like to use my own body and fitness props like these gems: ExerTube, XerCuff and sliding discs from SPRI.


Yoga Mat

I almost always have a yoga mat with me! It allows me to spontaneously drop into a class or roll my mat in the grass and get my yoga (or my stretch) on. I made the switch to Manduka a few years back and am commitment to them now. The grip and light weight of the ProLite is my fav. Plus, they get huge points from me for: “All MatsFree of toxic chemicals, dyes and phthalates, which disrupt your hormone balance”.


Cozy Jogger Pants

After a sweaty workout, whether I take a shower at the gym or not, I need to get out of my sweaty attire and slip into some super cozy-soft joggers. My absolute favorites are by Vouri. These are the kind of pants when I pull them on I know I am going to feel good. I could easily live in these all day!


Sticky Socks

I have a few pairs of these Sticky Be Socks in my bag. They are great for any of my shoeless workout classes, from Reformer to Barre. I like that the toes are covered and not forced into individual toe spaces. The stick is great and seems to last forever. They also warm my heart with their positive affirmations on their soles and across the toes. Always a nice reminder!


Supportive Flip Flops

As soon as that work out is over, I am pulling off all the sweaty clothing including the socks and sneakers and slipping into my Vionic Tide flip flops. My feet can breath and feel secure with all that great support. These sandals have become so popular at my Pilates studio I have walked out not once but twice in someone else’s! We had a good laugh about it as we traded back our sandals.



As much as I think about what goes into my body for good health, I think about what goes onto my body for safe health. The next 3 products do exactly that they keep me safe because they are free of many of the toxic ingredients in popular products. They keep me clean, healthy and safe.


Cleansing Face Wipes

As soon as my work out is over you can find me in the ladies’ room washing my face with these face wipes. Did you know that when you sweat you are cleaning out your pores? The sweat carries the dirt, oil and dead cells out as you work out and deposits on the surface of your skin. That is why these C’est Moi Gentle Makeup Cleansing Wipes are in my gym bag and my an extra one in my car. They are also gentle for sensitive skin, cruelty free, and EWG verified.


Face Balm

I apply this calming balm after I clean my face and then until I get home and can take a proper shower. This balm does 3 things all at once for me. It reduces the redness on my skin from the work out, while cleaning and pulling out additional impurities from my skin, all while being a moisturizing mask. I will also before taking a flight, which can be very dirty and drying experience for our skin. The Beauty Counter Balm is also EWG verified, and won Allure’s 2020 Best of Beauty/Cleansing Balm.


Zum Wash

I keep a mini spray bottle of this pretty-smelling, COVID-killing soap in my bag. I don’t want to ever be caught in a bathroom and find they don’t have soap. This little gem is made without the harmful stuff like synthetic foaming agents or harsh additives, “so you can feel good about every wash” and keep the bad stuff off.


Eucalyptus Jack

I use Eucalyptus Jack before my workout on any area that was been sore or tender. It is all natural and gives a soothing relief for sore muscles. Made from eucalyptus oil, grape-seed oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera, and comes in a convenient spray bottle.


EarthSap Wild Rose & Vanilla Deodorant

In my effort to keep the chemicals out of and off of my body I have searched the world- literally for an ingredient safe deodorant that works, smells good and feels good on my body. I found it a few years ago on a trip to South Africa and bring it back for my clients and friends anytime I go there. You can also but it here for about $4 US dollars.











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