Stylish Outfits to Wear in the Rain


Stormy skies might not be the most inspiring thing to wake up to in the morning. But if you live in a climate with distinct season changes, cold rainy days might be a reality for you through the fall, winter, and maybe even the spring. If you’re anything like the team here at Vionic, a spruced up wardrobe might put a pep in your step in less-than-motivating wet weather.

Believe it or not, you can look fierce, feel confident, and stay comfortable when the sky is falling. All you need are the right clothes for rainy weather. And weather resistant shoes, of course. Did you think we’d forget to mention shoes?

If you’re wondering what to wear on a rainy day, Vionic has you covered. Find practical yet posh weather-appropriate outfit ideas and styling tips below.

What to Wear on a Rainy Day: 6 Rainy Weather Outfits

Rain can make a good hair day go wrong, and yet if your clothes and shoes get drenched, you might have even more significant problems. Being cold and wet is notably unpleasant, and it might make you more susceptible to getting sick. Feeling like you’re bound to get soaked every time you step outside might make you avoid venturing out. But if you know what to wear in the rain, the world is your oyster. After all, you have to face the rain to see a rainbow.

If the weather outside doesn’t inspire you to make a fashion statement, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these six stylish rainy weather outfits.

Classic Raincoat with Cropped Pants and Weather-Resistant Sneakers

When we curate outfits, we usually select outerwear last. But when deciding what to wear on a rainy day, it can be helpful to start with a weather-resistant jacket and work your way in. For this look, we suggest a classic raincoat. Think of a timeless yellow hooded slicker that falls somewhere between your thighs and calves—except it doesn’t have to be yellow, and you can ditch the wellies. You might opt for another bright color, a neutral shade like tan, navy, or black, or a fun print.

Next, find a pair of cropped pants. Why cropped? Since you won’t be wearing cute rain boots with this rainy day outfit, you’ll be less likely to get the hems wet. Whether it’s jeans, high-waisted trousers, or ⅞ athletic pants, the main thing to consider is how they’ll complement the raincoat. For your top, a simple t-shirt, cardigan, or long-sleeve crewneck are good options.

To get away with wearing sneakers in the rain, you’ve got to select a water-resistant pair. If you are wondering how to waterproof shoes, opt for an already water-resistant pair from Vionic. We carry weather-resistant shoes like the laceless women’s casual sneakers that are perfect for this laid-back look. While you should probably avoid jumping in puddles, you can still take the day by storm.

Jeans, Booties, Cropped Jacket, and an Umbrella

For a casual yet refined rainy day vibe, wear jeans with booties for women, a cropped jacket, and an umbrella. Let’s start with your jeans. We recommend skinny jeans or another slim cut, as it’ll be easier to keep them dry. Plus, they’ll accentuate your ankle boots. Black, dark-wash, and colored denim are all excellent picks.

Next, select a cropped jacket. This could be a leather jacket, a teddy coat, a denim jacket, a bomber, or a cropped camo jacket. As for your shirt, go with something simple, like a plain short- or long-sleeve tee.

Rain doesn’t always equal cold. That’s why light outerwear can work, as long as you have an umbrella. You can find umbrellas in virtually any color or print, and they make great statement accessories. Having said that, if you’re only buying one this rainy season, a neutral style might be a more practical choice.

Your umbrella will help keep your feet dry from falling rain, but you’ll still need to protect your shoes from water on the ground. That’s why your best bet is weather-resistant ankle boots, like the cute styles from Vionic. But in addition to weather-resistant boots, we even have waterproof. If you aren’t sure of the difference, learn more with our comparison of water-resistant vs waterproof boots. We carry flat-soled booties as well as slightly elevated boots if you prefer a little height.

Slacks with Heeled Boots and a Raincoat

For a slightly dressier, more polished aesthetic, consider rocking slacks with heeled boots and a rain coat, maybe with a cute bag. Some rainy weather outfits are best built around a jacket, but for this look, we suggest starting with your pants. Select a pair of slacks, high-waisted, pleated, classic khakis, and other professional-looking slack styles are ideal. For your top, you’ve got options. Generally, we recommend pairing fitted shirts with looser pants and looser shirts with fitted pants.

Next, choose your shoes. Did you know Vionic carries numerous heeled leather boot styles with reliable outsoles and water-resistant uppers? That’s right-some of our weather-resistant boots and leather boots have as high as three-inch heels, so you can go glam even when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Now for outerwear. As long as your raincoat is clean and doesn’t clash with the rest of the outfit, it doesn’t need to be fancy. A classic water-repellant style is perfect. If you’re going to work, an interview, out on a date, or anywhere else you want to look put-together, you’ll look right as rain in this ensemble.


Midi Skirt with Ankle Boots and a Trenchcoat

When you think of clothes for rainy weather, a skirt might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But a little rain shouldn’t stand in your way of wearing feminine pieces. We love the look of a midi skirt with ankle boots and a trench coat. Flowy, fitted, pleated, and pencil skirts are all excellent options. Wear a simple fitted or cropped shirt on top and maybe a sweater if it’s cold out.

Speaking of cold, you may want to put on a pair of tights, too. However, in moderate temps, you might be OK going without because you’ll only have a few inches of exposed leg between your skirt and boots. Whether you’re feeling flat-soled booties, three-inch ankle boots, or something in between, we suggest a water-resistant style. Check out the weather-resistant collection from Vionic for inspiration.

Not all trench coats are created equal. You can find trench-style waterproof jacket styles and traditional trench coats without hoods or weather-resistant materials. The point is that if your coat isn’t designed to keep you dry, you may want to bring an umbrella or some other type of rain gear.

Short Dress with Tights, Booties, and a Poncho

Another flirty rainy day outfit idea is a dress with booties and a poncho. A maxi dress is technically a warmer option, but it’s also more susceptible to getting wet in the rain. That’s why we recommend a short dress with tights. This could be a cocktail dress, a skater dress, a shift dress, or another above-the-knee style. We love the look of bold tights in fall and winter, but if your dress is a bright hue or print, it’s best to go with neutral tights.

The same goes for your outerwear. You can find waterproof ponchos in tons of vibrant patterns and colors. We love a statement jacket, as long as it doesn’t clash with the rest of your ensemble or make it look busy. Try to find a poncho jacket about the same length as the dress. Both heeled ankle boots and flat booties can pull this look together. To take the weather in stride, scope out the fashion-forward weather-resistant styles from Vionic.

Athleisure with a Rain Jacket and Weather-Resistant Sneakers

Deciding what to wear in rainy weather doesn’t have to be complicated. One of the simplest—and most comfortable—wet-weather looks is athleisure with a rain jacket and weather-resistant sneakers.

There are about a zillion ways to wear athleisure, so let’s start with your bottoms. Pants are best in cold weather, whether you opt for yoga pants, running tights, or another type of athletic leggings. For your top, throw on an oversized tee or a crewneck sweatshirt in a complementing color. (Black leggings and a black top is always a safe bet.)

You can wear almost any rain jacket with this comfy-cozy ensemble. That said, if the rest of your outfit is neutral, but it might be a fun opportunity to make a statement with outerwear. We’re big fans of clear raincoats, but bold colors and prints are also excellent choices. For your shoes, how about a pair of anti-slip, water-resistant tennis shoes from Vionic? When it comes to slip-resistant shoes for women, we carry both lace-up and slip-on styles.

Weather-Resistant Footwear from Vionic

With Vionic’s orthotic footwear collections, you never have to choose between comfort and style. And you don’t have to choose between being fashionable and staying dry, either. Whether the weather forecast predicts a light drizzle, a torrential downpour, humid summer rain, or something in between, you can put your best foot forward in one of our stylish waterproof shoes for women.

Shop our weather-resistant boots and sneakers for men and women for more stylish shoes for a rainy day!

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