Types of Slippers

Types of Slippers

Types of Slippers

Being at home is all about being comfortable. Without the pressures of the outside world, you can wear what makes you as comfy and cozy as possible from head to toe. For a lot of folks, this means stretchy pants, sweats, soft pajamas, lived-in tees, fuzzy socks, and maybe a fluffy robe.
Whatever your go-to comfies are, a good pair of comfy slippers is a must. Plus, unlike PJs and sweatshirts, no one will see your home slippers during your Zoom meetings.
So, what are the different types of slippers? There are warm and insulating options that are ideal for winter. Then you’ve got fuzzy spa-style slippers, open-toed options for the warmer seasons, and everything in between. Let’s dive in.

How Many Different Types of Slippers Are There?

Just like shoes, there are many types of slippers out there. On account of overall comfort and practicality, the most popular styles include classic slip-ons, mules, moccasins, clogs, toe-post slippers, sandal-style slippers, and slides. Here’s what you should know.

Classic Slip-Ons

Slip-on slippers are versatile and seasonless, making them the perfect at-home footwear. The closed-toe design will envelop your feet in plush, fuzzy softness, keeping them warm and toasty at all hours. And thanks to the open heal, you can put them on without bending over or sitting down.
The luxuriously comfy slip-ons from Vionic have classic silhouettes, high-quality textile or suede uppers, and soft terrycloth or faux fur linings. With a durable rubber sole and rubber outsole, built-in orthotic arch support, and a low heel, these bedroom slippers are endlessly comfortable and will ensure you never have cold feet.¹

Mule Slippers

First popularized in Europe in the 1700s as at-home footwear, mules are another backless slip-on style. You can find high-heel mules and wear-anywhere flats, but mule slippers nod to the shoe’s original purpose.
The spa-style mules from Vionic check all the boxes. Our women’s slippers have ultra-soft and mildly fuzzy terrycloth around the uppers, lining, and contoured footbeds.² And our men’s house slipper mules feature suede uppers and cushy faux-shearling lining. With biomechanically contoured arches, deep heel cups, and shock-absorbing soles, our mule slippers offer substantial support and stability.

Moccasin Slippers

A moccasin slipper is great for those who prefer a more sophisticated house shoe. Inspired by the authentic shoes worn by Native Americans, this slipper style is comfortable and practical. With a dapper, loafer-like appeal, you can even get away with wearing this house slipper to run some quick errands.
The men’s and women’s moccasin slippers from Vionic have velvety-soft suede uppers and plush sheepskin or faux-shearling linings for an endlessly cozy feel. Our styles feature reliable rubber soles suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and built-in arch support keeps you comfortable and stable throughout the day. Not only that, but the versatile silhouette goes with loungewear and street clothes.

Clog Slippers

Another option is clog slippers, which typically have a closed-back design and can look a lot like regular shoes. When you browse Vionic’s collection of house shoes, you’ll find clogs with insulating flannel uppers and breathable terrycloth lining.
Adjustable hook-and-loop closures make them easy to get on and off while ensuring a perfect fit. Also, our clog slippers are designed with our exclusive orthotic technology, which means you’ll get arch support, stability, and unbeatable comfort from these cozy slippers right at home.

Toe-Post Slippers

For slippers that are super easy to get on and off but also stay secure on your feet, we recommend a toe-post design. Featuring thong-style straps (like flip-flop straps, only wider), you can slip them on without worrying about them falling off. The sandal-style design also keeps your feet cool, making it ideal for those who want the support of shoes but not the enclosed feel.
The elegant toe-post slippers we carry at Vionic have incredibly soft terrycloth straps and footbeds. With slightly elevated heels and sleek, contoured silhouettes, they’re the perfect balance of classy and comfy.¹
Vionic’s toe-post slippers are also great for people with plantar fasciitis and alignment issues. The podiatrist-designed arch support, deep heel cups, and shock-absorbing midsoles help realign your stride and prevent overpronation.

Sandal-Style Slippers

Sandal-style slippers are similar to toe-post slippers but with wide straps across the uppers instead of thongs. After a demanding day, they’re just what you need to kick back and unwind at home. Plus, if you’re worried about how to wash slippers, 100% rubber versions of these slippers are probably your best bet.
Vionic’s backless open-toe house shoes are made with the same tried-and-tested supportive technology as our orthotic sandals, walking sandals, and active sneakers.⁴ We’re talking unbeatable arch support, stability throughout the soles, and the cushioning you crave. Like many of our footwear styles, these slippers hold an APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance.
They minimize foot fatigue from walking around on hard floors while absorbing shock and reducing stress on your knees, ankles, and feet. But you have to don’t take it from us (or the AMPA). Our sandal-inspired slippers even have Oprah’s stamp of approval.



To some, slides are slippers you can wear outside. The casual and sporty slip-on sandal style is great to have on hand. You can wear slides inside and outside your humble abode—while working, taking out the trash, checking the mail, barbecuing, or sitting on your patio. Not only that, but they’re perfect for running errands, coming to and from the gym, picking up your kids, hanging out at the beach, boating, traveling—you name it.
So, what are the best indoor/outdoor slides? Allow us to introduce you to the Kiwi Slide, Vionic’s newest unisex style. With soft padded uppers, hook-and-loop closures, and a firm yet flexible footbed, plus sturdy TPR outsoles with wave-patterned treads, these outdoor slippers pull out all the stops.
The Kiwi is available in men’s and women’s whole sizes in medium widths, and the adjustable straps make for a perfect fit. Thanks to the expertly designed biomechanical soles and orthotic arch support, this design is APMA-approved. Whether you’re on the go or padding around at home, you’ll be glad to have these slides on your feet.

Don’t Overlook Arch Support When Buying Slippers

At Vionic, we believe your feet should feel good no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Whether you’re lounging around, working from home, cleaning, or enjoying a morning cup of coffee, supportive footwear is essential.
Many people opt for orthotic footwear at work and while exercising without considering their foot health at all other hours of the day. Just like the shoes you wear out and about, what you wear at home should offer plenty of arch support, stability, and cushioning.

Vio-Motion Support

From sneakers, sandals, and flats to high heels, boots, and slippers, every pair of shoes we offer at Vionic features Vio-Motion Support. The podiatrist-designed technology ensures built-in arch support, ample cushioning, deep heel cups, and contoured footbeds.
While you might think orthotic footwear can’t possibly be fashionable, we’re pleased to tell you we’ve found a way. Our Vio-Motion Support technology is entirely hidden within the soles of our stylish shoes.
For all-day support at home and on the go, check out our collection of orthotic slippers.

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