Vionic Shoes Scholarship Recipients: Meet Katy

In the fall of 2017, we introduced our very first scholarship program for graduating high school seniors and college students. We invited students to share the details of an enriching life experience that significantly altered or impacted their perspective and how they would use this gained insight to educate the next generation either as a teacher, mentor or friend.

One of our scholarship recipients, Katy, described how a scheduling issue in middle school landed her in a course for computer science, coding and digital media productions. Although taking this course was initially unintentional, she quickly became passionate and skilled in the field and went onto become 1 of only 10 women accepted into the digital media production program at Florida State University last year.


She notes that her first-hand experience of the gender gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) has inspired her to encourage other girls to pursue study courses and career paths in technology and other science-related fields.

In her submission, Katy wrote, “A young woman can rock heels while building a website, writing code, and producing media,” and we completely agree. Vionic shoes was elated to award Katy as one of our scholarship winners and wanted to know what she has planned next. Read her interview below!


Congratulations on being selected! Could you tell us what this scholarship means to you?


I’m in my senior year at Florida State University and having this scholarship means the world to me – with this support, I’ll be able to finish my degree and graduate with some of the financial stresses relieved!


We loved hearing your story, thanks so much for sharing it with us. In the next five years, how do you plan to use your influence and platform to inspire girls to try technology and other STEM fields?


My passion is helping other women get involved in technology and film. I’m currently teaching a class at FSU where I am mentoring other young women, and teaching technology is something that will be a cornerstone in my life. I think the representation of being there in that role does good in the industry – proving that women can be in positions of leadership in male-dominated fields.


How did you hear about us? What made you decide to apply for the Vionic Scholarship?


I am a huge Vionic shoe girl – so I saw through my support of the company. The shoes cute and engineered to be comfortable, which is perfect for me in my career where I’ll be on my feet most of the day!


How will having this scholarship help you as you finish school and/or achieve your next goal?


I will be able to focus more on my work and making a difference in the technology community at FSU.


We can’t wait to send you some Vionic goods! Any particular Vionic styles catch your eye?


It’s so hard to pick! The Blakely Booties are soo cute, and those Joey Casual Sneakers are such an essential.

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