Vionic Shoes Scholarship Recipients: Meet Stella

In the fall of 2017, we introduced our very first scholarship program for graduating high school seniors and college students. We invited students to share the details of an enriching life experience that significantly altered or impacted their perspective and how they would use this gained insight to educate the next generation either as a teacher, mentor or friend.

Stella, a high school senior, gave us a look into her experience as a weekly literacy tutor of a neighborhood school. During her time there, she became close with her mentee and developed the realization that what may seem like a small action can actually have a life-altering impact. We were deeply moved by Stella’s commitment to her tutoring and the inspiration she garnered from her student. We couldn’t wait to hear what was next for our Vionic Shoes Scholarship recipient. Read our interview with Stella below!


Congratulations on being selected! Could you tell us what this scholarship means to you?


This scholarship means a lot to me! The scholarship’s focus on goals and personal growth is really meaningful because it directly ties into what I will use the scholarship money for. It means I will be better able to pursue my passions without having to worry about finances.


We loved hearing your story, thanks so much for sharing it with us. If you could fast forward to graduation having gained the thorough knowledge and sufficient resources mentioned in your essay, what would you do?


If I could fast forward to graduation, I would create a summer program for low income students in my community. It would focus on boosting students’ academic and social-emotional skills in a fun, educational environment.


How did you hear about us? What made you decide to apply for the Vionic Scholarship?


I heard about the Vionic scholarship from the scholarship website Cappex, and decided to apply because I felt my story fit well with the scholarship’s goals.


How will having this scholarship help you as you finish school and/or achieve your next goal?


Having this scholarship means that, instead of working to save money for college this summer, I will be free to pursue the volunteer work that I love, and hopefully make a bigger impact in my community.


We can’t wait to send you some Vionic goods! Any particular Vionic styles catch your eye?


I like the style of the Dylan High-Top Sneakers, and the Everett High-Top Trail Walker look really rugged and cool, too!

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