Walkabout, Talkabout.

Check out several of our Ambassadors and their blogs. They’re walking and talking all about us!

Laurie C. of Vancouver, WA, blogs about how she fits walking into her Saturday.

“Attended the Blue Like Jazz movie preview today in Portland with my sister Susan and her family. I arrived about 40 minutes early, so it was a good time for a walk before the line twined around the block.”
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5 Responses to “ Walkabout, Talkabout. ”

  1. we got our 3 mile walk in South Dakota…windy, windy but there is nothing like the fresh outdoors!

  2. We had snow all day today, so the only walking we did was indoors. Luckily tomorrow it is supposed to start clearing up! Looking forward to heading out again.

  3. I started this because I had unexplained heel pain for a month or so and I was blaming it on the shoes – deck shoes mostly, no support. Well, I have been feeling a lot better in these new walkers from Dr. Weil. Plus, the t-shirt’s really cool. Thanks!

  4. I can’t wait for all my friends and family to try these shoes…I know they will love them as much as I do! I watched “Biggest Loser” on television tonight–the contestants visited the White House as part of Michelle Obama’s Nationwide “Get Moving” campaign. She also encouraged 30 minutes of activity a day for adults. This nation is under-going a transformation and it’s about time! Thanks, Dr. Weil for creating this opportunity to get moving!

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