Wet Weather Commuting Checklist | Vionic Shoes

If you regularly commute to work, you probably have your routine set. You know what coffee blend to brew, which routes to take and how long your journey will last. But nothing can change plans like inclement weather.

Brave the elements and get to and from work with our wet weather commuting checklist. Rain or shine, you’ll get there prepared!


The Essentials:


Umbrella. A must for rainfall, you’d be surprised how often people forget this handy item. To really make sure you remember, get a clip for your briefcase or backpack. 


Water bottle. Hydration is key for a healthy lifestyle. No matter if you’re sitting or walking on your commute, make sure to bring water with you wherever you go.


Public transport app. Think the rain may cause train delays? Stay in the know! Download your city’s public transportation app to receive real-time notifications.


Hand towel. Whether you need to wipe down a bus seat or dry off your bike handles, a small towel can come in handy to clean up small messes on your commute.


Weather-resistant shoes. No shoe change required. Wear shoes made with weather-resistant materials to prevent ruining your favorite pair.



Bandaids. We wish you a safe journey, but minor cuts and bruises can happen when biking or traveling in less than ideal weather conditions. Pack some bandaids, just in case!


Laptop Sleeve. Nothing can wreck havoc on a workday like a losing a saved presentation on your laptop. Keep your electronics safe and dry on your commute with a protective cover.


Shoe Care Kit. With specially formulated shoe care cleaners like Rain & Stain, you can make a few touch ups to your shoes before heading to dinner with friends. 







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