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Walk, move, live. At Vionic, these are words we live by, and we encourage others to as well. A great way to live out this mantra is by going on a hike. Offering fresh air, nature and a light (or for some, more rigorous) exercise, a hike can bring a lot to the table for both your mental and physical health. But before you start mapping out which trails to travel, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need. Grab a backpack and take some notes because we’re sharing our hiking packing list.


  • A light jacket. Shield yourself from rain and wind with a waterproof jacket.
  • A water bottle. Hydration is key for any form of exercise. Remember to fill up your water bottle with plenty of fluid and keep sipping.
  • A snack. Protein can help keep your energy up no matter which path you take. Have some pre-hike fun and make your very own trail mix. 
  • A wristband watch. Nowadays, many of us use our phones as a timekeeper, but a watch can be great when hiking the great outdoors.
  • Supportive shoes. Keep your feet comfortable and supported with performance shoes.
  • Sunscreen. Protect your skin from sun exposure with some SPF.
  • Handheld flashlight. If you plan on an evening hike, pack a small flashlight. Make sure to check the batteries before you head out!
  • Bandaids. Be prepared minor cuts when navigating through the brush. Pack some bandaids just in case.
  • Bug repellent. Keep the pests away with a to-go bottle of bug spray.


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  1. Ive exclusively bought vionic over 10 years now and even with all my orthopedic serious conditions sneakers will even let me hike the swiss Alps.
    However my next adventures require hiking boots.
    I can’t find men’s vionic hiking boots. Where can we find them????

    • Hi Anthony! Thanks for being such a loyal fan. Unfortunately, we currently do not offer any hiking boots, but we can share this feedback with our design team. Thanks for reaching out.

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