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Amazing women are all around us. At Vionic, we’re fortunate enough to have many of those women working in all aspects of the company, with a great amount in leadership roles. As part of our ever-growing appreciation, we want to celebrate the women who make Vionic what it is by highlighting their stories, achievements and more with our Women of Vionic blog series.

Connie Rishwain is the President of Vionic. In two years, she has already exponentially grown the brand, working endlessly to oversee and flourish each department. With her “sky is the limit” approach, Connie elevates Vionic to new heights and has no intention of losing momentum. She creates a constant source of inspiration with her enthusiasm and work ethic, making her our Women of Vionic spotlight of the week!


How long have you been with Vionic?

Almost 2 years.


What’s your role at Vionic and what does that entail?

I am the President of the company. I oversee Product, Design, Development, Sales, Planning, Talent and Culture, and Marketing.


Why did you choose to work at Vionic?

The culture is what attracted me the most.


How does Vionic empower women?

We have a strong female presence at Vionic with many strong women in key roles of leadership. Women have a real voice here.


Where do you see the future of Vionic heading?

The sky is the limit. The more people that find out about our brand, the bigger and better we will become.

How do Vionic’s values speak to you?

Vionic puts people first and that really comes from our founders, Chris and Bruce.


What advice do you have for young women starting in the workforce?

Learn like a sponge from your mentors, surround yourself with people that support you, and always be supportive of other women.


Do you have a favorite Vionic style?

The Midi Perf– I wear it constantly!


What’s your secret to feeling your best self?

I think taking care of yourself. Your health and your appearance are important. You feel good if you are healthy and like the way you look.


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