7 Top Fashion Colors For Spring

Gone are the gray days of winter, where dark shades reigned over wardrobes. Throw that winter coat into storage, say goodbye to your turtlenecks and long johns, and get ready to order your go-to coffee order iced. It’s time to seize the season with a host of new hues that’ll bring a little spring to step (and your outfits).

We’ll walk you through some fresh colors for spring, where to get inspiration, and some spring color style tips to keep your wardrobe feeling refreshed.

Fashion Colors For Spring 2022

Every year, Pantone Color Institute, a revered institution in fashion, releases its chosen colors for the spring.1 This year, the palette is a kaleidoscope of vivid brights, deep primaries, and soft pastels. We’re so excited to introduce you.

While the right colors for spring can definitely be a personal choice—and something that you can absolutely define for yourself—we want to offer you a few of our favorites.

#1 Poinciana

Pantone Color: C94235

Think fire engine red with a hint of orange-tinged neon, poinciana is a color not to be denied. Ideal for night or day, this potent red turns heads as an accent color or as an outfit-defining shade.

Whether you’re rocking monochrome poinciana or wearing a comfy pair of slip-on sneakers, pair your poinciana with complementary colors like:

  • Light blue
  • Pastel pink
  • White
  • Black
  •  Dark navy

Poinciana shows the world that you are fully alive and awake to the season. And that you’re daring and ready to take on literally anything.

#2 Skydiver  

Pantone Color: 19-4151

Think of that perfect, deep, velvety blue of a spring sky at dusk—if you’ve ever wanted to wrap yourself in that stunning celestial shade, you’re going to love skydiver. 

A dusky blue perfect for twilight cocktails and evening walks along the shore, skydiver adds whimsical elegance to any outfit. In fact, a dress in skydiver can be dressed up or down with just a few strategic accessories:

  • For an evening look, with a black leather jacket, updo, strappy black sandals, and dangly gold earrings.
  • For a brunch look, break out a white sweater, wedges, patterned belt, and of course, a straw sun hat. Stylish walking sandals work, too. There are sandals for women that are not only low-key but still look chic, even women’s flat sandals.
  • For a running errands look, grab a pair of white sneakers, a chic yet oh-so-functional backpack, and a white denim jacket or light bomber jacket. White sneakers are also one of those 90s inspired shoes trends that’s making a comeback.

#3 Daffodil 

Pantone Color: FFC752

The very heralds of spring themselves, daffodils are bright, light, and sunny in every petal. It’s no wonder the fashion world has seized the bloom’s hue for this year’s spring runways. This color makes the wearer shine, no matter what weather spring throws at you. 

Here are a few ideas to help you add daffodil to your favorite bouquet of spring outfits: 

  • As a pop of color in accessories like purses, belts, or earrings
  • For monochrome athleisure wear
  • One of the shoe trends for spring is color coordinating your footwear with your outfit. As a bright blouse paired with white jeans, white sandals, or a white skirt.

Much like its namesake, daffodil will never fail to cultivate smiles wherever you strut this season. 

#4 Dahlia Purple

Pantone Color: 17-3834 TCX

Move over, pastels—bright, vivid, and luxurious, dahlia purple has entered the palette. Dahlia 

is perfect for jaw-dropping dresses and sensational spring break bathing suits. 

While a stunning main event, dahlia makes for a gorgeous accent color on a neutral canvas. Look for this shade in spring accessories like: 

  • Jackets
  • Earrings
  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Purses and backpacks

#5 Black

Pantone Color: 19-0303 TCX

Regardless of winter, fall, summer, or spring fashion trends, you’ll also find black on the runway. Black might be exactly the balance that your spring style has been begging you for. It’s an especially good choice if you’ve got an early spring tan to show off or if you plan to mix and match it with lighter pieces.

Black lets the universe see that you’re not afraid of keeping those darker hues in rotation year-round. And that’s a bold fashion move.

Even better? Black goes with everything. It becomes the dark, sultry backdrop for all your favorite spring colors. 


#6 Gossamer Pink

Pantone Color: 13-1513 TPX

A floaty, fairytale shade, gossamer pink keeps up the tried-and-true fashion rule of spring—when winter coats are stashed away, pastels must come out to play

While pastels are classic popular colors for spring, gossamer pink brings something unique to the table. Though it may look whimsical, gossamer pink can be a truly sophisticated spring color. It adds refinement to any ensemble and plays well with neutrals and patterns alike. 

  • A gossamer pink mule adds playful dimension to a black-and-white work outfit
  • A bright floral accent jacket brings spring time to a gossamer pink sundress
  • Try a gossamer pink headband with a black-and-white boat neck for a flirtatious French ensemble

#7 Basil

Pantone Color: 16-6216 TPX

Spring is the return of all things green—the grass, the leaves, even all that scraggly stuff that you’ve been pulling out of the garden so you can get your veggies started. So it only makes sense that spring is the perfect time to sport this herbaceous shade of green.

Basil works beautifully with neutrals. Get a little garden inspiration with these outfit ideas:

  • Light brown overalls in a basil crop top paired with wedges
  • Basil as a fun pop of color over leopard print (hey, it’s the new neutral!)
  • Silk basil top with a camel-hued suede jacket and suede shoes
  • With a sleek, black fitted blazer, houndstooth trousers, and black loafers
  • Terracotta slacks and a tucked-in basil button-up with black mules

#8 Poppy Seed

Pantone Color: 16-6216 TPX

Yes, the occasional gray day does happen every once in a while in spring—but those misty skies make colorful blooms seem even more saturated and vibrant.

That’s the beauty of poppy seed, a charcoal gray that really works with any weather and any season. A simple poppyseed dress, top, or bottom invites you to play with the other colors of the season (especially the other ones on this list). 

  • A poinciana waist belt with a poppyseed dress
  • A brightly patterned kerchief tied around the neck with a poppyseed tunic and leggings
  • Poppyseed suit with a basil button-up
  • Poppyseed sneakers with a black and skydiver-blue athleisure ensemble

#9 Harbor Blue

Pantone Color: 18-4728 TCX

Picture the sunny shores of a perfect spring break destination, with warm waves lapping on the sand. In our imagination, those waves sparkle in a stunning harbor blue.

Harbor blue is teal’s deeper, more current (pun-intended) cousin. This saturated hue dominated New York Fashion Week and brings tropical freshness to any spring wardrobe. 

On its own, a harbor blue outfit makes a statement. Paired with complementary accent colors and pieces, it becomes a fashion powerhouse.

  • Camel-hued suede heels
  • A cream fedora
  • A poinciana scarf

#10 Innuendo

Pantone Color: 18-2042 TCX

Fuschia gets a sultry springtime upgrade with this year’s pop of pink. Innuendo is bright, it’s fun, and it will not be denied the joys of spring. 

This color can definitely be a handful, but these pairings can help you tame a wild hue into an unforgettable outfit:

  • White – Innuendo loves white. White pants and an innuendo top or shoes create a fresh, eye-catching look perfect for picnics, daytime wine tastings, and trips to the beach.
  • Black – Innuendo and black make for a perfect spring date mix. Think LID (little innuendo dress) with a black leather jacket and booties.
  • Red – This is a power couple of spring colors. With a bright (but maybe not poinciana level bright) red, your innuendo ensemble will look like it walked right off the runway. Try an innuendo skirt with a black top and structured red blazer, or red slacks with a silk sleeveless innuendo top. 

Tips for Spring Style

You’ve got the colors. You’ve got some ideas. But sometimes, you need a little extra help deciding how to make the most of this flowery season’s styles. We’ve got you covered.

  • Play with floral patterns – Springtime and florals go together like April showers and May flowers. You can work two sets of florals into an outfit by pairing patterns that share colors, detail-level, or even color schemes.
  • Build around a bright accessory – Do you have a favorite daffodil kerchief you’re dying to wear? Or a pair of springy purple sneakers that deserve some spotlight? All you need is one piece you adore to create an ensemble. Draw the eye to your favorite accessory by incorporating pieces in similar hues or working with more muted shades to bring out the best of your favorite piece. 
  • Look to the greats – Pick a few of your favorite designers and look through their spring 2022 collections. You’re sure to get some ideas for both the right shades for spring and your new favorite ways to incorporate them into an outfit.
  • Nothing says stylish like shoes – Even the simplest outfit can enjoy a springtime upgrade with a pair of fashionable spring shoes. Picture a pair of jeans and a tucked-in white t-shirt. Simple, right? Well, simple becomes stylish when you add a pair of bright innuendo pink strappy heels. How about black leggings and a simple, cozy cotton sweater? Cozy becomes chic with a pair of black mules. When in doubt, keep your outfits simple, and go all out on the footwear.   

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We always want to keep the spring in your step, we promise you style and support, every time.

It’s high time to walk with confidence and make the most of spring.



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