How Can We Protect Our Earth?

By Chris Laub


As Earth Day 2022 approaches, we feel that it is important we take a moment to look at the everyday choices we make that have an impact on our planet. At Vionic, we continue to look for ways to improve how we think  about and create products that are more Earth-friendly. This can be manifested through materialization, product, construction, and lifetime of the product. We are proud to have our first capsule collection in collaboration with the PROTEUS™ launching soon. 


What is PROTEUS™? It is a collaborative platform that will change the way we explore and relate to the Ocean. It will allow for significant advancements in climate solutions, renewable energy, future medicines and cures, and sustainable food sources.


Vionic is committed to our customers, the planet we walk on, and to incorporating ethically sourced and sustainable materials into our shoe styles which makes this an ideal partnership with PROTEUS™.


This capsule collection offers our most sustainable product to date. These styles were developed with Repreve ® Our Ocean textile which is a 100% post consumer recycled textile made from plastic water bottles collected within 50km of waterways or coastal areas, in developing countries or regions. 


What small changes can we make in our everyday lives that can have a big impact on how we affect the environment? Fabien Cousteau, founder of PROTEUS™, shares with us his top 10 recommended changes you can make today to help protect the planet:


  • Reduce, Reuse, Repair & Recycle

We can try to reduce the amount of things we purchase, reuse products for other uses, repair broken items instead of purchasing a new one, and recycle containers, cans, bottles, paper, anything that can be created into something else.


  • Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Plant-based foods produce much less greenhouse gas emissions than what it takes to maintain livestock and vast ranches.


  • Compost

Instead of throwing away leftovers and old food that will head to the landfill, compost it. Compost can be added to soil to provide important nutrients.


  • Think about Your Methods of Transportation

If possible, consider carpooling or taking public transportation. If only going a short distance, why not walk or ride a bike? It also can be a nice little exercise. 


  • Eco-Friendly Products

This might mean items that are produced locally or using recycled materials. The process of producing and shipping these items is a lot easier on the planet.


  • Energy Saving

When not using lights in a particular room, try remembering to turn off the lights. If you are not going to be home for a while, why not turn off the heat or air conditioning? These are easy ways to reduce your overall use of energy, which takes a lot to create.


  • Ways of Traveling

When planning a trip, think about the different ways that you might be able to get to where you need to go. Do you need to take that plane? Maybe a train instead?


  • Electric Vehicles

Aside from reducing air pollution, the overall greenhouse gas emissions from creating the electricity are significantly less than gas vehicles. Many of them are faster too!


  • Energy Sources for Your Home

If it is possible, look into getting solar panels that can generate electrical power for your home.


  • Speak and Discuss in Your Community

The first step is making a change in your life to think about ways to help curb climate change. Discussing with family and friends can be difficult at times, but it is an important factor that can spread awareness and spur action.


We thank Fabien and the PROTEUS™ Team for the opportunity to work with them in their mission to protect the world’s oceans and the continued goal of protecting this incredible planet. Stay tuned for the launch of our PROTEUS™ collection!



Cousteau, Fabien. Limiting Climate Change: What can we do?. Proteus Ocean Group.


About the Author:

Chris Laub is a member of Vionic’s Brand Marketing team. In addition to Vionic, he loves to stay active, play sports, travel, and enjoy delicious food. He enjoys entertainment including movies, tv shows, and music.

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