Ambassador Inspiration

Three weeks into their 28-day Walkabout, our Ambassadors are becoming seasoned walkers! They’ve enjoyed sharing their experiences through their blogs, Facebook and Twitter. They are feeling great, staying active and making long-term habits which whill improve their health and quality of life for the future. We hear their feet are quite happy as well.

We’ve asked them to share with us a little piece of their Walkabout journey. Here are a few photos, insights and fun quotes from our walking machines, questing for optimum health.

Kim S. writes, “It’s hip to be healthy. And it’s healthy to be hip.”
[we think so too, Kim!]

Angie K. says, “The Walkabout Challenge has been such a blessing both physically and emotionally! Daily walking has helped me lose a few more pounds with 30 pounds lost so far this year, and walking with my children and husband has proved to be good for the soul!


Jessica O. shares, “Walkabout has inspired me to give up on excuses and just WALK.  In the past, I’d often use “bad weather” as an excuse to drive to work instead of walk.  Now I’m looking for any excuse to put on my shoes and hit the pavement, and I’ve found that walking in the rain is actually fun!”


Monica O. says, “At 32 weeks pregnant it’s been a challenge to get out and walk every day, especially with 2 little ones accompanying me. We’ve been finding ways to make the walks special so that it lifts not only my mood, but my entire families. On this particular day my son’s and I enjoyed a beautiful walk around the Detroit Zoo.”

Ana P. gets witty with a Walkabout jingle. Note, you need to sing this to the tune of “These Boots are Made for Walkin”

“These shoes are made for walkin‘
And that’s just what they’ll do
Walk in these and you’ll end up a happier, healthier you.”

Laurie C. always finds a way to fit walking into her day. “This weekend I got a chance to walk around Seattle before I picked up our daughter from the university there.  When I’m walking in a city, one of my favorite things to do is take photos of public art.  This whimsical mermaid decorates an iron gate in downtown Seattle!”

Judy W. writes a personal note, “When I embarked on the 28-day Walkabout, it quickly became clear to me that I had been longing to make a commitment like this without quite realizing it. I jumped into it with joy and something like relief. Many good things are blooming in my life this spring as cultivate this change from within. Even the obstacles turn out to be opportunities. Hooray and thank-you!


Colleen S. gives a bright outlook. “Take a walk and experience life in color!”




Carol C. makes us giggle with a little humor, “I have been enjoying the renew commitment to myself and the time alone during my daily morning walks. It helps me really prepare for the day and usually gets me out of having to make breakfast on weekend mornings, which is an added bonus.”

Faye H. is proud of her walking partners: her husband, Gayle, and her daughter, Heather, walk with her nearly every day!






Barbara H. gets some motivation to walk with her adorable little four-legged friend.



Megan R. found a note while walking with her furry companion, “I found this note laying on the sidewalk while out walking one day. ‘i can i will i can i will.’ (i hope he or she did) I love it, it sits on my desk at home and is the last thing I see before walking out the door. I envision someone taking the time to write this affirmation down and then setting out to do it. Also the circles dotting the i’s make me happy.”

Suzanne G. is decked out for a walk in the woods with her dog.


Harriet B. walks with her dogs too!

What motivating companions!

Thanks for making us proud, everyone!

Keep walking!

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  1. Gerald Severin Marthe

    Again up as the sun began to light the horizon. It was very calm on San Francisco Bay this morning and a mist hung low on the water creating a golden glow on the landscape as the sunlight filtered through. Heavenly tone. As I walked down the path along the Bay and away from the sunrise, my shadow stretched overly long ahead of me my only companion other than loudly chattering birds obviously happy for the still bright day ahead for them.
    Wore my Merrill hikers this morning for a change of pace and comparison to the Orthoheel Walkers I’ve been using since the 27th. My comment; do they make a hiking shoe, too? My feet were already requesting a change halfway through my walk. It is surprising how sensitive the feet are and how few shoes address that issue. It becomes so obvious when you put on a pair that is really comfortable, supports you well for several miles, and afterward leaves your feet still happy.

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