this little office walked to the market

Here at the office in San Rafael, CA, we have decided to take part in our own Walkabout. Every Tuesday and Thursday for a month, we all walk together over our lunch hour, led by our enthusiastic Customer Care Consultant, Nina.


That’s Nina. Hat, shades and happy smile.





Each Thursday, there is a big Farmer’s Market just half a mile or so from our office. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out of the office, stretch our legs, clear our heads and buy fresh produce. There are several food stands too, so we do get to eat lunch!


Laura, one of our enthusiastic Customer Care Consultants, leads the way.





Mmm… fresh oranges!

Protein, anyone?


Steve, Executive Vice President of Sales and General Manager, even took an hour out of his hectic schedule to walk about and grab a bite to eat.




Our Design Assistant, Erin, picked up some carrots and leeks before getting a Mediterranean dish to enjoy with the rest of us.





Sporting our Walkabout hats to protect our faces from the California rays!




A little live entertainment while we dine.

It’s amazing what a little fresh air will do for the work day. Time to walk back to the office.

Now tell us, what sort of walking adventures have you made out of your lunch hour?

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  1. Ha ha, great title! You’re fortunate, working so close to a farmer’s market.

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