at the heart of our brand: #solestory

What is #solestory?

#solestory is an initiative to recognize our most evangelical Vionic fans and to celebrate their inspiring stories. These are the fans whose lives have been changed by Vionic with Orthaheel Technology. Their stories are the helping hands that help others discover that with Vionic shoes, the possibilities are limitless.

(And of course, #solestory is the hashtag you can use if you freakin’ love how Orthaheel Technology makes your life better!) We recently asked each Vionic enthusiast to share her own #solestory. The photos and videos we received re-affirmed why we do what we do: strive to make the most stylish, life-changing footwear ever. We’re excited to announce these three stand-out stories… Our newest #solestory winners are:

Emily Dickey, Rockford Vionic shoes make my life better because they make my KIDS’ lives better. They LOVE going on walks, the longer the better, and my feet need to keep up!”

Vionic walking shoes make lives better by giving feet the ability to take long walks  

 Te-see Bender, Los Angeles “I was born with FLAT FEET and they are even FLATTER after having 2 children! VIONIC Makes my feet HAPPY!!!”

Vionic shoes help people with flat feet have greater comfort and mobility

Lee Faulconbridge, Grove City “I love the Vionic technology and have found nothing on the market that provides the relief and comfort that these shoes do!”

Untitled from Consumer Content on Vimeo.   We can’t wait to see each of these fans this Fall when we treat them to a visit here at our corporate office. We’re excited to introduce the entire team – everyone from our chief executives to our marketing and ops team members. Keep an eye out for their official #solestory videos, just like our first set of stories released this year. Thanks for everyone who submitted a #solestory! Your voice doesn’t go unheard – we’re still talking about all the wonderful photos and captions!

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