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Whether you need medium width shoes or wide width shoes, support is something we all know we should have in our shoes, but it can be easy to overlook when you find a pair of shoes that will enhance your style. However, you may not realize the many benefits of supportive shoes that you’ll be missing out on when you opt for the alternative. When you think of supportive footwear athletic shoes probably come to mind, but did you know you can find everything from supportive winter boots to comfortable supportive flats and everything in between? To maximize the benefits of supportive shoes, it’s important to have shoes with supportive infrastructure for every occasion in your life. In our guide to the benefits of supportive shoes, we will cover ten key benefits of wearing orthopedic shoes that can make a world of difference in your foot health and comfort. Not sure what orthopedic shoes are? Learn more about them in our related blog article as we answer the common question, what are orthopedic shoes?

10 Benefits of Supportive Shoes

Supportive shoes can make a significant difference in your overall foot health and how you feel each day. Your feet are incredibly important to your life and help you get from one place to another, so it is vital that they have all of the support they need to function at their best. Below are ten of the top benefits of wearing orthopedic shoes.

1. Farewell to Foot Pain Getting You Down

So many of us suffer from foot pain and aching. We know it can make you feel frustrated when you aren’t sure what’s causing your foot pain and are looking for relief as soon as possible. One of the most common causes of foot pain is wearing unsupportive shoes that leave essential elements of your feet unsupported and improperly aligned. Over time, this can cause pain and strain that can limit your mobility. With supportive shoes, you can make sure that your feet are getting the support they need and help to reduce the foot and heel pain that is getting you down and keeping you from doing all of the things you love.

2. Unparalleled Support With Every Step (Day or Night)

Speaking of support, another benefit of wearing orthopedic shoes is that they will provide you with unparalleled support with every step, no matter where your feet are taking you. When your feet are not adequately supported, you can experience pain in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back as a result. At Vionic, our Orthaheel Technology was developed by renowned Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli and has over thirty years of research and development backing it. Our supportive technology addresses the most important structural elements of your feet and makes sure they are optimally supported and cushioned to provide you with unparalleled support. Every pair of Vionic orthopedic shoes incorporates our Orthaheel technology and Vio Motion Support to make sure that you can have the support you need in all of the popular styles you love.

3. Goodbye to Swollen Feet and Poor Circulation!   

Do you suffer from poor circulation that causes your feet to become swollen and uncomfortable? If you do, we know it is vital for you to reduce the swelling and become comfortable as soon as possible. Individuals who suffer from diabetic neuropathy can benefit significantly from wearing orthopedic shoes because of their ability to help promote blood flow to the lower extremities by properly aligning the body and give the feet a healthy environment in which to move and function. Whether your swelling is from a medical condition or just normal end-of-day swelling, orthopedic shoes can be your new best friend and help you to say goodbye to swollen feet and poor circulation.

4. Relief From Cumbersome and Prohibitive Foot Problems

If you are suffering from a foot problem, you’re probably hyper-aware of how valuable and important your feet are to your every movement. When your feet are sore, in pain, hurting, aching, or just not functioning at their best, it’s immediately noticeable and can have a serious impact on the types of activities you are able to do comfortably. If your shoes lack the support your feet need, it can exacerbate an existing foot problem you have. For example, if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis and are wearing shoes without the proper arch and heel support, your plantar fascia will continue to stretch and tear on its surfaces, which worsens the inflammation that causes heel pain and discomfort. Unsupportive footwear, when combined with foot problems, can create an endlessly frustrating cycle that makes it difficult to heal and attain comfort and relief. To break that cycle, it’s vital to wear supportive footwear so that you can get relief from cumbersome and prohibitive foot problems.

5. More Mobility to Do What You Love? Yes, Please!

At Vionic, we want to make sure you are able to get out and do all of the things you love without having to adjust your plans to accommodate for foot pain or discomfort. Wearing supportive shoes can help you get back your maximum mobility to do all of the things you love, without the residual pain and discomfort that is holding you back. Chronic foot pain and foot issues can slow you down and keep you from your favorite adventures, but cushioned, roomy, and supportive orthopedic shoes can make a world of difference in helping you to regain your mobility.

6. Improved Balance and Optimized Stability Wherever You’re Heading

Did you know that your feet play a huge role in your balance and stability? Your feet are a complex system of ligaments, tendons, muscle, and soft tissue that allow you to go everywhere that you desire and function together as one, cohesive unit. Ankle boots with arch support will help to aid in your balance by evenly distributing pressure across your feet and hugging your natural footprint. A deep heel cup can help to improve your stability by preventing your feet from rolling inwards or outwards, depending on what type of arch you have. A firm yet flexible midsole can also help to optimize your balance with every step. When combined together, these supportive features can help to improve your balance and optimize your stability whether you’re heading out on a walk or into the office for a day of work. That’s why it’s important that work shoes for women should provide supportive comfort for all day wear in the office and even on your way to happy hour.

7. Promoting Your Natural Alignment With Every Step: Alleviating Back, Knee, and Joint Pain

Proper alignment begins at your feet and works its way up through your body. Unfortunately, many shoes do not have the supportive features needed to maintain your natural alignment. This can result in a number of different consequences, such as back, knee, and joint pain. This pain is avoidable by investing in supportive shoes that have the features needed to maintain your natural alignment from the ground up. Because human beings now primarily tread on hard, man-made surfaces, it’s essential to have footwear that mirrors your natural footprint and provides support to all of the elements of your feet so that you can maintain a comfortable, natural alignment and alleviate pain that you may be experiencing.

8. Want It To Feel Like You’re Walking On a Cloud? Comfort and Cushioning Delivered

Have you ever put on a pair of shoes in the store and decided they were comfortable only to realize on their first full-day wear that they leave your feet aching, sore, and tired? We’ve all been there! Comfort can be deceptive because what can feel comfortable, or at least tolerable, for a short amount of time can feel awful when experienced over an extended period of time. Wearing shoes that are uncomfortable can make it seem unappealing to get out and do the activities you enjoy, walk that extra mile on your walk, or visit a local shop to browse around. The key to comfort is wearing supportive shoes that have sole cushioning that will absorb the impact that your heel makes each time it hits the ground during a stride. When your feet have the cushioning and support they need, you’ll feel like you are walking on a cloud and ready to get out and take on the world.

9. Foot Surgery Can Be Avoided

There are many foot problems that individuals can develop as a result of wearing unsupportive footwear or ill-fitting footwear for an extended period of time that can be prevented by providing your feet with the support they need. If you ignore your feet’s need for proper support and cushioning, at some point it will likely catch up to you and become an issue. Think of supportive shoes as a form of maintenance for your body, just like putting oil in is routine maintenance for your car. To run at your best, you need to treat your body just as you would anything else in your life and make sure you are doing everything in your power to avoid needing foot surgery in the future from not giving your feet the support they need. Plus, investing in supportive shoes will be much more affordable (and painless) than foot surgery!

10. Support For Any Occasion or Environment: You’ll Never Have To Go Without

When you think of supportive shoes, what comes to mind may be athletic shoes, such as walking shoes, or unfashionable sneakers, but orthopedic shoes are much more than that. Supportive shoes come in many different fashion-forward styles from best supportive flats to the most supportive men’s dress shoes so that you don’t ever have to go without the support you need. Same goes for heels for women. People don’t typically believe that stylish and comfortable heels exist, however it’s all in the built-in arch support. This is beneficial because it allows you to always make sure your feet are comfortable, supported, and aligned with your body and you will be getting all of the benefits outlined above, and more. Style doesn’t have to hurt and whoever said beauty is pain hasn’t walked a mile in Vionic! We build our cutting-edge Orthaheel technology into all of our footwear for men and women so that you can have all of the styles you love with all of the support you need no matter what occasion your footwear is intended for.


If you are looking for stylish orthopedic shoes that will help you to start gaining these incredible benefits, take a look at Vionic’s supportive footwear. Our mission is to create men’s and women’s shoes that hug your arches like a natural footprint while still elevating your style and complimenting your outfit. Our innovative science-backed footwear combine high-quality materials, fashion-forward styles, and pioneering biomechanics technology to deliver unparalleled support, comfort, and motion control with every step. With our supportive shoes, you can live stylishly and comfortably every day no matter where your feet are taking you!

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  1. italina schuhmacher

    what do u recommend for lower back pain especially when i’m grocery shopping for 2-3 hours once a month ?
    i have used your slim fit orthaheel for running as well, which has made my legs, lower back, and feet feel better, but i have a callous growing in both of the sides of bottom of both big toes, i was just wondering if orthaheel inserts will be able to help with the growing callous without having to go see a foot doctor.

    • Thanks for reaching out! We recommend consulting with a podiatrist as they can best assess your health needs and recommend a footwear brand and style that will offer options to best suit your needs. However, please do know that our shoes and sandals are designed to hug your arches like a natural footprint, giving you all-day support. You can find more information on our Vio-Motion Support, here: Thanks!

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