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Why do you need the best shoe inserts for standing all day? Because we do a lot to our feet, whether it’s wearing sky-high heels, shoving our feet into ill-fitting shoes, or walking around in flat flip flops with no support or stability – all while bearing the full brunt of our body weight. According to the APMA, nearly a quarter of all Americans said they stand six or more hours on a typical day. And 20% report standing between four and six hours a day. The problem? Standing for prolonged periods of time on hard, flat surfaces can cause a lot of foot problems, most notably over-pronation.

Vionic Caballo Pointed Toe Ballet Flat with Arch Support

When we stand on hard surfaces without proper support, our ankles can roll in (called pronating) and cause a ripple effect of misalignment from the feet to the ankles to the knees, hips and even lower back. It can even lead to heel pain, or plantar fasciitis. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your feet are always properly supported with the right footwear or with the help of the best shoe inserts for standing all day.

Vionic Supports Natural Alignment and Promotes Foot Posture

That’s where Vionic comes in. Our orthotic arch support inserts were designed by podiatrists to help align the body from the ground up. A deep heel cup, innovative biomechanical footbed and firm yet flexible midsole provide essential support and stability to keep you comfortable on your feet all day. We recommend our Relief Full-Length Orthotic for standing as it provides everyday comfort and support that fits in most shoes, along with a heel and forefoot pad for increased shock absorption and energy return. For shoes with low-profile toe boxes, try the Relief 3/4-Length Orthotic, also designed for everyday standing with Tri-Planar Motion control to help stabilize, support and realign the feet back to their natural position.

Vionic Full-Length Relief Orthotic for Standing All Day

Vionic Relief Orthotic Offers Medium Support for Everyday Comfort

Need help finding the right pair of orthotics? Check out our orthotics guide to see which pair is right for you based on your lifestyle and level of support needed. Then, download our free Healthy Standing Guide for tips and tricks to make standing all day a breeze.

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