Stylish Slippers for Men

Man sitting at home in comfortable slippersFor lots of modern men, the lines between home life and work are often blurred. Maybe you’re self-employed, telecommute from a home office, hold regular Zoom meetings from your living room, have a flex job, or are just a homebody. In any case, with more time spent in your humble abode, you probably find yourself in comfy clothes pretty frequently.

Sporting athleisure or loungewear most days is undoubtedly a great way to live life. Yet spending all your time shoeless while standing or walking around on your hard floors could be a concern for your foot health. Because whether you’re out and about or lounging at home, supportive shoes are essential.

When you imagine supportive footwear, you might think of walking shoes or active sneakers. But Vionic’s orthotic footwear collection includes virtually every style of shoes, and home slippers are no exception. What’s more, rocking Vionic house shoes means you never have to choose between a comfortable feel and a fashion-forward appeal.

Read on for a roundup of the most stylish slippers for men.

6 Comfortable, Stylish Slippers for Men

Whether you’re in the market for men’s leather slippers with outdoor-friendly soles, soft suede house shoes, warm slippers for winter or novelty slippers to make a statement, you’ll find what you’re looking for when you shop at Vionic.

So, what are the most comfortable, stylish slippers for men? Our top picks include:

  • Moccasins
  • Loafers
  • Clogs
  • Mules
  • Classic Slip-Ons
  • Slides

Read on for insight into each stylish slipper type, including styling tips and what to look for when shopping around.

1. Moccasins

Inspired by the authentic footwear traditionally worn by Indigenous Americans, moccasins feature leather or velvety suede uppers with distinct stitch detailing around the top.¹ Modern iterations designed for indoor use often have faux fur shearling or sheepskin lining for extra insulation and plushness.

When you browse the selection of men’s slippers from Vionic, you’ll find high-quality designs with soft uppers, a cushioned insole, and durable rubber outsole fit for outdoor use. Not only that, but each pair has our proprietary orthotic footbeds for ultimate comfort and arch support. Once your feet experience our moccasins, don’t be surprised if you want to wear them all the time.

Once you’ve tried on a pair of these comfortable soft suede slippers, you won’t be able to resist getting home, taking off your casual sneakers or dress shoes, and sliding into these at the end of every day.

What Can You Wear with Men’s Moccasin Slippers?

The moccasin slipper is comfortable and laid-back yet stylish and dapper, pairing effortlessly with street clothes and loungewear alike. We’re talking jeans, sweatsuits, joggers, or shorts if the weather permits.

2. Loafers

Dating back to Europe more than a century ago and holding strong over the last 100 years, the penny loafer will likely always have a place in men’s fashion.² While it’s a go-to professional footwear style for guys, the loafer house shoe definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.

Featuring a silhouette reminiscent of the moccasin but with a slightly more refined appeal, loafers are one of our best-loved slipper styles for men. The designs we carry at Vionic have suede, nubuck, or leather uppers with or without shearling or faux-fur lining.

Each pair boasts built-in orthotics to hug your arches and promote a natural gait. Not only that, but our loafer slippers have a durable rubber sole with patterned tread. This means you can wear them with confidence when you step out the door, knowing you’ll have ample traction and stability underfoot.



What Can You Wear with Men’s Loafer Slippers?

Loafers happen to be one of the most versatile men’s house shoe styles. You can wear them with everything from joggers and jeans to chinos and boating attire.

3. Clogs

First appearing in 13th-century Amsterdam, the clog was originally made of alder wood.³ This traditionally Dutch, distinctly rounded shoe is a fallback for fishermen, nurses, and a range of other professionals—though we’re personally big fans of clogs for at-home wear.

Men’s clog slippers can be a slip-on design with a lip around the heel or feature closed backs with uppers typically made of suede, leather, wool, or textile. The options from Vionic have flexible yet dense rubber outsoles and contoured footbeds for all-day arch support and traction underfoot.

What Can You Wear with Men’s Clog Slippers?

Clogs are another type of slipper that can pass as street shoes. With this in mind, you can wear them with a sweatsuit, joggers, or jeans when running errands. When spending time at home, feel free to slip into your favorite pajamas or bathrobe.

4. Mules

Alfons Black man slipper

With roots in 18th-century European fashion, mules are a timeless indoor footwear style for both men and women.⁴ The slip-on, backless design is endlessly cool, sophisticated, and suitable for year-round wear.

Modern men’s mule slippers are often engineered with outdoor-friendly soles, like the styles you’ll find when you shop at Vionic. To make the hunt for the perfect house slipper easy on you, we design all our mules with shock-absorbent midsoles and crave-worthy arch support built right into the footbeds.

What Can You Wear with Men’s Mule Slippers?

The best part about Vionic mule slippers for men is that they can be worn just about anywhere with just about any outfit. Whether your go-to comfies include athleisure, denim, matching sweat sets, waffle-weave pajamas, or a plush robe, the right pair of mules will complete your look.

5. Classic Slip-Ons

When in doubt, reach for a pair of classic slip-on house shoes. With an open heel and a closed-toe design that keeps your puppies warm throughout the day, these slippers are not only seasonless but conveniently versatile.

The exceedingly comfortable men’s slip-on slippers from Vionic have timeless silhouettes and textile, wool, or terrycloth uppers. Thanks to the backless design, you can take them on and off without sitting down or even bending over.

What Can You Wear with Men’s Classic Slip-On Slippers?

Compared to the other styles on this list, slip-ons are more of an indoor shoe than a wear-anywhere slipper. With that said, you’ll want to rock them with your favorite flannel pants, linen PJs, lightweight bathrobe, or at-home comfies while enjoying a cup of coffee, reading the news, or watching the sunset on your patio.

6. Slides

Then you’ve got slides, a men’s sandal-slipper hybrid that’s everything we love about casual footwear. This backless, single-strap style is sporty, versatile, and undeniably practical—a warm-weather favorite for guys. If you’ve wondered how to find slippers for sweaty feet, you’ve come to the right place because slides are a great option.

What’s more, the inherently laid-back, on-the-go design is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. From padding around your home and checking the mail to hanging out poolside and walking around the gym locker room, you can wear slides virtually anywhere, anytime.

Flaunting an APMA Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, Vionic’s unisex slides are biomechanically designed to absorb shock, promote a natural alignment, and hug your arches while you walk. Not only that, but the sturdy TPR (thermoplastic) soles feature a wavy tread pattern for ample grip and traction.

What Can You Wear with Men’s Slides?

You can wear your slides with workout clothes, athleisure outfits, sweat pants, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, boating attire, swim trunks, you name it.


Vionic Men’s Slippers: Feel the Difference

Here at Vionic, we believe you should never have to sacrifice comfort for style in all types of slippers—and vice versa. That’s why we make on-trend men’s shoes for every occasion, including slippers and house shoes, with built-in orthotics. Each pair has podiatrist-designed arch support, deep heel cups, whole-foot stability, and cushioned insoles to keep you comfy for hours on end.

When you browse our collection, you’ll find cool and casual moccasins, handsome loafers, wear-anywhere clogs, timelessly sophisticated mules, classic slip-ons, and slides. Crafted from quality materials and thoughtfully designed with supportive technology, you’ll never want to take them off.

Order a pair today!


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